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Back lash ?????

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I need to find out if the tapping I'm hearing is Back lash in the timing or something else.How to you the timing on 350 warrior???
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Moose, you say tapping but your title says backlash. Is it more of a tapping or backlash sound? Tapping to me sounds more like valves need adjusting. If the timing chain is loose, it's gonna run like crap. Also, what year is your warrior?

Moose, if you open up the service manual here and go to the following pages, they may help you check adjustments:

Page 3-9: Timing chain check
Page 3-13: Ignition Timing Check

I will say that service manual kinda sux so it may be useless.

Thank you for the information out of the service manual. that at least gives a starting point, no adjustment timing chain, leads me to think im out of time or i have a lot of valve rattle . Im going to see if I can put this to use, Thanks again
This is a kick ass site, you all where the first ones to help supply information that was usefull and was able to be access with out a credit card. I ve been online for months try to find the information this site supplied to me with in hours.. I thank you all again..
Well, that is what we're about!!!

It is a 2000 and yes its a tapping I hear when idel, avd every minute it stalls for a second and then idels back up. it will do this the whole time it sits run to warm up.....Then when I change gears is where it feels like it puases then it hit kind of hard going into the gear. I dont know what the guy did with the warrior when he had it . I do know it sat inhis garage for almost to years with no use. Im glad you all are here to help , you've really helped me get started, ty
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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