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ok ok .. probably not too popular... but I am back after my Thanksgiving day crash.
I took apart the Grizz and ordered the 280.00 worth of front end parts that got bent. That doesn't count the slightly bent handlebars and a bent stock rear wheel I still need to replace, or the rear rack that got bent when it wrapped around ny helmet. I will add those later. BTW I am looking for a set of custom wheels for it since ONE stock wheel from Yamaha is over 200.00..

I still have some issues with my shoulder, MRI is tomorrow, we are thinking a torn rotator cuff.

I have read some pretty good reviews the last couple months I really like the water temp mod, funny thing is is that I started making one myself but couldn't find a good enough sensor adapter but the one yall found looks great. Now I will most likely finish that project.

Anyway, off to shop for wheels.. if you know of a good place to start looking, end me a link..:rockon:

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I'll 3rd Mike at Dick's. Good price, great personality and quick to ship.

Glad you're getting back in gear. That Nordskog gauge is nice and the T I found is really nice as well.

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