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While this plan is still in it's infancy I wanted to take the time to post some information on our plans. and are planning a group ride in Southern WV at the Pinnacle Creek Trail System of the Hatfield and McCoy Trail System.

We are currently coordinating with a few ATV manufacturers to be at the trail head for a day to let you guys demo some of their new stuff for 2009. We are also working with some other product manufacturers to be there for possible contests and some product giveaways.

Additionally, there will be a cookout at the end of the day’s ride followed by other activities.

We are currently making a list for volunteers to be able to help out with coordinating plans, helping with lodging and other types of assistance that we may need to make this
hopefully a great first event. If you think you may be interested in volunteering some time, just drop me a PM with a telephone contact number and I will add you to the list.

Also, you may feel free to use this thread to post any ideas that you may have regarding this ride.

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