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ATVProduct Revew: HMF Utility Series Slip-On Exhaust

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<h1 align="left">HMF Utility Series Slip on Exhaust</h1>
<p align="justify"><span style="FONT-WEIGHT: bold"><font size="2">
[IMG][/IMG]</font></span><font size="2">The 
unit we chose for our Yamaha Grizzly 700 test vehicle is the HMF Utility Series 
exhaust, part number YG700SAR. The Utility Series exhaust is a popular 
aftermarket exhaust among utility ATV owners. We chose this exhaust based upon 
HMF’s popular name in the ATV industry.</font></p>
<h3 align="left"></h3>
<h3 align="left">First Inspection of the HMF Utility Series</h3>
	<p align="justify"><font size="2">The HMF Utility Series exhaust features a 
	solid aluminum construction, 2 inch, non-restrictive core, high performance 
	glass wool packing and brushed aluminum finish. There is also a variety of 
	finishes as well as end tips which are available. We were very impressed 
	with the construction of the HMF Utility Series exhaust. The fact that HMF 
	uses pop rivets to secure the end caps of the exhaust will pose a slight 
	nuisance when re-packing the exhaust in the future.</font></p>
<h3 align="justify">Installation:</h3>
	<p align="justify"><font size="2">HMF provided very easy to read 
	installation instructions. Total installation time was around 20 min, with 
	minimal tools required. The most challenging part of this installation was 
	the removal and replacing of the springs that secure the HMF pipe to the 
	header pipe. We used a pair of pliers and a flat head screw driver for this 
	process. The pliers where used for the removal, by pulling very hard on the 
	spring to release it from tab. We slid the flat head screw driver under the 
	hook on the spring and placed the end of the screw driver on the tab. 
	Holding the spring in one hand we pried the hook on the spring over the tab 
	and securely into place after installing the new pipe. We recommend using a 
	fuel controller or re-jetting the carburetor to avoid having your motor run 
	lean. </font></p>
<h3 align="justify">First Ride Report</h3>
	<p align="justify"><font size="2">After 20 minutes of installation time, we 
	made our safety checks and prepared to fire the ignition for its first time. 
	As the Grizzly roared to life the first thing to notice was how much louder 
	the ATV was. Most performance exhausts are going to be louder. In our 
	opinion it sounded great. At idle it produced a nice deep throaty sound. 
	With a quick blip of the throttle it produced a loud crisp bark. We took 
	quick run down the road to make sure the fuel settings were adjusted 
	properly. With all setting in order it was time to hit the trails. We 
	noticed a great deal of improvement over the stock set up.

	The grizzly was much quicker on take offs, had a noticeable increase in low 
	end torque. We felt that the biggest improvement over stock was the mid 
	range power band.


	The HMF Utility Series has an optional Quiet Core insert that reduces the 
	sound of the exhaust. This does not come with the Utility Series exhaust and 
	will need to be purchased separately.

	We installed the Quiet Core insert and noticed a big reduction in noise 
	level. There is also a slight decrease in power when installed. For trail 
	riding we preferred having the Quit Core installed. The open exhaust sounds 
	great but after several hours on the trail it can become taxing on the ears. 
	Installation of the Quiet Core requires the removal of the exhaust tip. The 
	process involves removing three bolts and sliding the insert into the end of 
	the muffler.

	The noise level specs from HMF are as follows. Standard Utility Series is 
	102 to 104db. With the Quirt Core installed it drops to 96 to 98db. For 
	reference the stock exhaust on our Grizzly 700 is 86db</font></p>
<h3 align="justify">Conclusion</h3>
	<p align="justify"><font size="2">The HMF Utility Series is in our opinion a 
	very economical way to increase power without serious engine modifications. 
	It’s sturdy aluminum construction and brushed finish not only gives the 
	machine more power, but also adds a custom look. The HMF Utility Series with 
	or without the Quiet Core installed will definitely give you power gain and 
	a great sounding ATV. Our HMF Utility Series exhaust now has close to 2000 
	miles and has yet to give us a problem. ATVTorture is happy to endorse the 
	HMF series of exhausts. It is a great choice when considering performance 
	exhaust upgrades for your ATV.</font></p>
<h3 align="justify">Pros:</h3>
		<p align="justify"><font size="2">- Most economical way to increase power</font>
		<p align="justify"><font size="2">- Lightweight aluminum construction</font>
		<p align="justify"><font size="2">- Simple and quick to install</font>
		<p align="justify"><font size="2">- Variety of colors and exhaust tips 
		allow for total customization</font>
		<p align="justify"><font size="2">- Having the option of using the quiet 
		core </font>
<h3 align="justify">Cons:</h3>
		<p align="justify"><font size="2">- Pop rivets do not allow for easy 
		<p align="justify"><font size="2">- Spark arrestor screen rusts quickly 
		and requires consistent service</font>
		<p align="justify"><font size="2">- Quiet Core insert is an additional 
<p align="justify"><font size="2">For more information on the HMF Utility Series 
Exhaust or any other HMF Products contact Mike at Dick’s ATV.</font></p>
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i just got one for my foreman and it really brought it to life i also rejetted it. i had to do some custom bending on mine to get it to fit but other than that it was a east install
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