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I would buy a good bead breaker and 2 tire irons (bars) much faster then those machines. get some liquid soap in a spray bottle and bingo - your changing tires

I was in the tire bz for 15 years, and i feel that the hardest part of atv tires is breaking beads and inflating new tires that have been stacked during shipping. I have a "cheatah" in my garage - which looks like a propane tank with a shute on one end - you fill it with air to about 120 lbs then let er rip into the tire/ wheel assembly when airing up - we use them on tractor trailer tires/ farm tires etc to set the beads.

on second thought - its cheaper to go to your local tire store and pay 10 bucks - lmao !!!
If they have the newer style rim clamp machines they can do them all day long. if they have the old center post - be carefull that the bottom side of the rim doesnt get caught and bend the wheel during the bead breaking. If they have the new style and dont want to change them - just see can break the beads - then just change them with pry bars or long screw drivers . its easy to do
1 - 2 of 19 Posts
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