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Smith Optics  Piston Goggle</p>
<p align="center" class="style4">[IMG] Optics Proj/products_91_39_57.jpg[/IMG]</p>

  MSRP $75.00</p>
<p align="left">One of the most important  safety items we use when riding our ATVs is eye protection. A good pair of safety glasses may provide  some protection from bugs etc on a leisurely ride on blacktop or through a  freshly mowed field, but most of our riding is over rough, rocky, dusty, sandy,  or wet and muddy terrain. This type of riding <u>requires</u> a good quality, comfortable  set of goggles to protect your one and only set of eyes.</p>
<p align="left">Protection from elements  like sunlight, rain and snow, is also critical for a day of safe and comfortable  riding. </p>
<p align="left">The [i][url=""]Smith Optics[/url] Piston Goggle[/i] has a custom painted frame which will  set these apart from all others and a non slip strap that keeps them in place  no matter how rough the conditions.</p>
<p align="left">Here  are the features of the [i][url=""]Smith Optics[/url] Piston  Goggle[/i].</p>
<div align="left">
  <ul type="disc">
    [*]Articulating       Outrigger Positioning System
    [*] Colored       mirror lens
    [*] Custom painted frames
    [*] Includes micro fiber goggle bag
    [*] In-lens Tear Offs posts
    [*] Medium/Large fit
    [*] Roll/Tear Offs compatible lens
    [*] Specialty strap with exclusive Stay-Put       strap retainer
    [*] Sweat-X F.A.T. 3-layer face foam
<p align="left"></p>
<p align="left">The “Articulating Outrigger  Positioning System” is phenomenal in positioning the goggle for a comfortable fit. One drawback to this particular area of the  system is that it prevents the user from utilizing a “Quick Release” strap  system.</p>
<p align="left">The fit of these goggles is  great. When most systems are adjusted  tight enough to keep the dust out they end up pinching my nose shut, just  enough to make me feel like I have head cold. <u>These do not</u>! Along with  the fit, the Sweat-X F.A.T. 3 layer foam offers a very nice feel against your  face and aids in a better seal. I didn’t  sweat any during my testing so I can’t really comment on how that works.</p>
<p align="left">Another problem with most  goggles is that they greatly diminish your peripheral vision. The [i][url=""]Smith Optics[/url] Piston Goggles[/i] have a  Medium/Large eye opening which gives you a huge improvement in peripheral  vision over most of the goggles we have tested.</p>
<p align="left">

  The red mirror lens looks  great and is perfect in blocking the sunlight. I don’t recommend these if you are going to be  riding in extremely muddy conditions. Any  goggle will scratch but it seems the mirrored tint on these lens scratch a  little easier than normal.</p>
<p align="left">
<p align="left">They also come with tear off posts but we  never tested this aspect of the system.</p>
<p align="left">I have used these goggles  over the past couple of months and have enjoyed the confidence in having  quality protective eyewear. The mirrored  lens is not for everyone but it reduced the glare on those sunny rides and made  for enjoyable days of riding.</p>
<p align="left">These goggles are available  in many different colors and [url=""]Smith Optics [/url] carries a wide assortment of replacement  lenses. </p>
<p align="left">Pros</p>
<div align="left">
  <ul type="disc">
    [*]Wide opening for clear un-obstructed view
    [*]Non-slip strap
    [*]Top quality materials
    [*]Great selection of colors and styles to choose       from
<p align="left">Cons</p>
<div align="left">
  <ul type="disc">
    [*]Mirrored lens’ scratch easily
    [*]Unable to use with a “Quick Release” strap       system.
<p align="left">We give these goggles the  ATVTORTURE stamp of approval. [url=""]Smith Optics [/url]  makes a great product and the durability and comfort of these goggles have  surpassed our expectations in eye protection.</p>
<p align="left">For more information on the  [url=""]Smith[/url] Optic product line visit their website at:

<p align="center">[url=""][IMG] Optics Proj/smith_thum.png[/IMG][/url]</p>
<p align="left">Or contact them:</p>
<p align="left">Smith Optics, Inc.

  280 Northwood    Way

  Box 2999

  Ketchum, Idaho, 83340 </p>
<p align="left">[b]Telephone:[/b] 208.726.4477

    [b]E-Mail:[/b] <a href="mailto:[email protected]">[email protected]
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