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<h1 class="style1">PRODUCT REVIEW: ROPE RATCHET TIE DOWN SYSTEM [url=""][b][IMG]HTTP://[/IMG][/b][/url]</h1>
<p class="style1">Looking for an effective way to strap items down? Better yet, looking for a tie-down that doesn’t loosen up? Then look no further than the [b]ROPE RATCHET®[/b].[IMG][/IMG] I recently picked up a pair of these from eBay for a great price. I was looking for a quick and easy way to secure items down on the racks of my ATV.[IMG] (Medium).JPG[/IMG]</p>
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<p class="style1"> I grew tired of trying to get bungee cords tight enough and figured I’d give these a shot. To say the least I wasn’t expecting much and they have outperformed my expectations. I plan on ordering a couple more of the larger size ones to keep in my truck and replace my old fashioned tie-downs. Check out their website for all the specs and where to buy. [url=""][/url]</p>

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It works really good. I was surprised. The hook in the picture with the black plastic tab/box is wear the ratchet mechanism is. More or less you take the rope, run it throught that. Then pull the end of the rope to tighten the Rope Ratchet like you would a normal ratchet strap. Then to loosen, you push down a metal tab in the black plastic tab/box that realeases the ratchet mechanism. My only complaint is that the metal tab you press down is hard to do unless you see it.
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