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ATV Product REVIEW: Roko Sports Inc. Goggle Quick Strap

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Roko Sports Inc. Goggle Quick Strap®

			<h4>Goggle Quick Strap® Review </h4>

How many times do you wish you could quickly remove and replace your goggles with one hand? Now with the Roko Sports Inc. Quick Strap® you can!!!</p>

Quick Strap® goggle retainers are one of the handiest and most functional products I have had the privilege of reviewing. The Roko Sports Quick Strap® is a goggle retention system that enables the rider to quickly remove their goggles without completely removing them from the helmet. This feature is useful from a safety standpoint as well as convenience since it allows the user to easily remove the goggles in the event they are covered in dirt or fogged up.


			 Here are some key benefits of the Quick Strap®</p>
			<ul type="disc">
       [*]Keeps goggles safe, clean, and convenient.
			 [*]Fits all popular goggles, Scott, Smith, Oakley,    Arnett & Spy
			 [*]Will not affect tear off or roll off use.
			 [*]No tools required.

Installation could not have been easier. Roko Sports provides an excellent set of detailed instructions on the back of their packaging. I used a pair of inexpensive MSR goggles, which when accompanied with the Quick Strap® made these goggles feel and fit like a brand new pair. They fit much better on my face and were more comfortable on long rides. 


			 When I did stop, all I had to do was reach up and grab the easy to find Quick Strap® tab. Pull this tab and the goggles swivel down and out of the way with ease. No longer do you have to worry about leaving your helmet on and putting your goggles in front of your helmets mouth guard. This stretches the elastic band and can damage the lenses and vent foam. </p>

			[IMG][/IMG]The Quick Strap® tab has teeth on it, so even with gloved hands it is a snap to fasten and unfasten. The Velcro is super strong. Not once did it feel like my goggles were moving around or about to slip off. One of our original concerns with this product was whether or not there would be enough tension to keep our goggles close to our face. This was not an issue with the pair I tested. They kept them just as tight as a normal goggle strap would. In fact we found the Velcro retention system to be extremely convenient. It allowed us to adjust the tension depending on the style of riding we were doing at the time. For instance in dusty conditions it allowed us to keep the goggles nice and tight. For cold or rainy conditions we were able to loosen them up slightly to allow for more ventilation.


			 This is a product I will keep using and would encourage any type of rider to add it to their gear. They are useful for everyone, from a racer to an occasional rider. I give Quick Straps® a big thumbs up! Once you have used these you will not go back to the old way.</p>


			<ul type="disc">
			 [*]Ease of use

			<ul type="disc">
       [*]Different helmets and different goggles could    have different results

Reviewed by Nick S.
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