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ATV Product REVIEW: RAMP-RITEâ„¢: The Receiver Hitch Ramp Support

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			<h1 align="left">[b]RAMP-RITE™: The Receiver Hitch Ramp Support[/b]</h1>
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			 By: John K

			 MSRP: $79.99</p>
			<h4>Review: [b]RAMP-RITE™: The Receiver Hitch Ramp Support[/b]</h4>

I don’t like towing…at all! Even with a full-size truck and a big honkin’ V8. I’d rather load my quad into the bed of the truck and be on my way. It’s not that I won’t tow, it’s simply that I find it a hassle.</p>

But loading a quad into the bed of a truck has its faults too. Between the weight of the quad, its additional accessories, and myself means I’m loading nearly a thousand pounds on the edge of the tailgate. All the while my ramp is moving back and forth scratching the tailgate of my new truck. That’s until I discovered the [b]RAMP-RITE™ [/b]by[b] [/b]Darby Industries, Inc. </p>

At first glance, the RAMP-RITE seemed to address all of my loading concerns into one simple product. Could this be true? Read on to find out.</p>

The RAMP-RITE is nothing more than three pieces of steel box tubing welded into an adjustable platform for the back of a truck. The diagram below depicts loading a quad into the bed of a truck the conventional way. Take note of the weight resting on the tailgate.</p>


This next diagram depicts loading a quad into the bed of a truck using a RAMP-RITE. As you can see, the amount of weight on the tailgate is reduced by nearly 50%. </p>


Simplicity truly is the beauty of this product. The RAMP-RITE comes shipped in two pieces. It takes nothing more than two hitch pins and a standard two inch receiver on your vehicle to get it mounted. </p>


Mount the L shaped piece into your two inch receiver and install a hitch pin to hold it place. Lower your tailgate and ensure this piece extends just beyond your tailgate.



There are three horizontal adjustments to ensure you install it at the correct distance. Take the T shaped piece and install it on top of the L shaped piece. There are three vertical adjustments to ensure you can set the RAMP-RITE to the appropriate height. Use your second hitch pin to lock in at the desired height. </p>


That’s all it takes to install this product. You are now ready to get your ramp and load your quad. (Note: Always strap your ramp to the truck. This will prevent it from kicking out from underneath you and your quad). </p>



So how does it work? Good question with a simple answer. It work’s just as advertised! The added level of protection provided from the RAMP-RITE should not go without mentioning. Never again will your ramp rest on a tailgate and rely on those two small cables for support. Too many broken cables have resulted in damaged tailgates. For under a $100 you can protect your truck from such an event. I can’t verify the claims of reducing the weight on the tailgate by 45%, but I am much more confident loading a quad into the bed of a truck using this product.</p>

ATVTORTURE is happy to give the RAMP-RITE™[b] [/b]by[b] [/b]Darby Industries, Inc. the “TORTURED” stamp of approval.</p>

			<ul type="disc">
       [*]Simplistic    design
			 [*]Attaches    and removes quickly
			 [*]Light    weight
			 [*]Breaks    down for easy storage
			 [*]Relieves    loading weight on the tailgate
			 [*]Protects    tailgate from unsightly damage

			<ul type="disc">
       [*]When    installed the RAMP-RITE is wobbly
			 [*]Extra    horizontal and vertical adjustments would be nice for people with larger    trucks
			 [*]Poor    packaging


			[IMG][/IMG]			 </p>
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