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ATV Product REVIEW: ODI Lock-On "Rogue" Grips

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ODI Lock-On "Rogue" Grips

Test Vehicle: 2007 Yamaha Grizzly 700 & 2003 Honda Rincon 650

We purchased a set of the ODI lock on grips directly from ODI inc. After looking at these grips for sometime and deciding it was about time to change out from the worn factory grips.

Upon my initial thought on these grips I thought they would be a very good change due to look and feel. Installation was extremely easy. Start by cutting of the old grips, in this case the stock Yamaha ones. Clean any glue and remaining rubber from the handlebar. Slide the ODI grip on, tighten the front and rear collars and it’s complete. Well not quite it had appeared that they sold me the wrong set. There are 2 different lengths of 20 mm and 30 mm. I had the longer 30 mm and they would not work with my Rox billet hand guard perches so in ODI’s defense it was really my fault for not taking that into consideration. No problem I called up ODI and spoke with customer relations. They said not to worry a new pair the right size of 20 mm will be shipped out today . They arrived and installation was now complete. ODI says not to use a thread locker on the collar ring screws and after 700 miles they are as tight as the day we installed them.

ODI Grips

The comfort of these grips is exceptional. The spongy texture does very well at absorbing the bumps and jars of the trail. Only problem we encountered was when we would get the grips wet or muddy they became nearly impossible to hold onto. I think this is due to the specific design of the “Rogue”. The words “greasy pipe” come to mind, but this is the case with most grips. Since we had to opt for the 20 MM to facilitate the Rox hand guard perches it seemed a little crowded when holding onto the handlebars but didn’t hinder the performance that much.

Once installed the grips with the aluminum collars really set the 700 grizzly off showing a custom touch with some sleek styling. We also opted with a set of the ODI aluminum end plugs.

All in all if you are looking to replace a worn set or just wanting to upgrade give the ODI Lock-On Grips a try. They look good and function just as well. We give them the “Tortured” stamp of approval.

Here it our ATVTORTURE scorecard

* Customer Service / Technical Service: 10
* Price competitiveness: 8
* Packaging: 10
* Ease of installation: 10
* Fit: 10
* Finish: 10
* Performance: 8

Total ATVTORTURE score: 94 out of 100. We endorse this product and give it the "Tortured" stamp of approval.

For purchasing information visit
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