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</h2>Kolpin Fuel Pack</h2> <div style="text-align: left;"> <div style="text-align: left;" id="Layer1">

Kolpin Fuel Pack Review
M.S.R.P.: $91.99</p>

With the production of larger ATV’s and larger displacement motors, one of the first things lost is fuel economy and that limits the range of the ATV. A lot of people turn around and go back to the trail head or back to base camp because of fuel capacity constraints. The “lack of fuel capacity” may cause them to miss a lot of new territory and let many trails go undiscovered.</p>

When we, at ATV TORTURE go out for a ride we like to ride as far into new territory as our time schedule allows. The ATVTORTURE team rides at least 60 miles and normally around 120 miles per day. With Kolpin Fuel Packs we can easily ride that distance with no worries about fuel.

For a few years now Kolpin has produced a handy flat fuel system capable of attaching to most utility ATV racks, and they seem to keep improving upon them with more ergonomic features and larger capacity. This durable four gallon high-density Polyethylene Fuel Pack has been improved by the next generation of design. The unit that we tested was put on several different machines; Yamaha Grizzly 700, Honda Rincon 650, and The Polaris Sportsman 600 with great success and ease. Our testing was done on the Paiute Trail System in Utah and The Hatfield and McCoy Trail Systems in West Virginia under various conditions, terrains, andtemperatures.</p> <p align="center"> </p>

The durability of the hook and loop straps sent with the fuel pack was questionable for the kind of riding we do as well as cumbersome to use, so we did not test it with the included straps. We did secure this unit to front and rear racks with generic rubber tie-downs and had no problems. We also found that ratchet strap tie downs are useful as well. We also like to point out the Kolpin offers a Pack Mount that allows it to be mounted to certain racks or to special brackets. We liked this idea as it provides a nice level of convenience when installing and removing the Fuel Pack.</p>

Here are some specifications of the Kolpin Fuel Pack:</p> <ul>
[*] 4 Gallon Fuel Capacity
[*] High Density Polyethylene Makes It the Toughest Fuel
Container Available
[*] Fits Flat on All ATV Racks or Mounts with 2 ATV Water/Fuel
Pack Brackets (89450)
[*] Molded Handle for Easy Transporting and Filling
[*] Self Venting Spout Included
[*] Sturdy Construction Allows Additional Gear to be Stacked On Top
of the Pack
[*] 34 ¼” W x 3” D x 13 ¼” H

Upon first inspection of the Kolpin Fuel Pack we noticed heavy duty construction and attention to detail in the design. You can mount it flat on your front or rear rack and stack multiple items on the fuel pack. We found that it is very useful on the front racks to add additional weight and aid in keeping the front end of the ATV on the ground where it is needed. As well as functionality, it is extremely easy to carry and now even easier to refuel with the new handles molded into the design. This we found to be a very nice update, compared to the previous generation of fuel packs. The 4 gallon capacity we found to be more than adequate for our fueling needs.</p>


Upon initial use we encountered a problem with the cap sealing properly and it began leaking fuel. Under closer inspection we noticed that it was our fault as care must be taken when installing the self venting cap for the first time to allow the cap to form a good seal with the fuel packs threaded spout. This has been remedied now with the use of the C.A.R.B. style cap that has an O-Ring gasket to prevent leakage. </p>

Aside from the cap leaking on our initial test, we were unable to find any faults with the newly engineered Kolpin Fuel Pack. It has withstood a vehicle rollover which completely sent it skidding and bouncing down a cascade of rocks without damage or leaking a drop of fuel. It’s tough as nails construction has lived up to the Kolpin name and has been proven to withstand the hot climate of Utah as well as the rough and rocky terrain in the wild mountains of West Virginia on the Hatfield and McCoy trails. We are happy to endorse the Kolpin Fuel Pack.</p>


Pros:</p> <ul type="disc">
[*]Ergonomically the shape of this unit made it very easy to fill, pour, and tie-down.
[*]Ample fuel capacity (4 gallons).
[*]Fits very nice on the front rack of all quads tested.
[*]Still maintain a short profile to allow the stacking of additional equipment or supplies.


Cons:</p> <ul>
[*]<span dir="LTR">The fuel pack will expand on hot days!!!!!!! "Don’t worry" our unit always returned to its original shape and size.</span>
[*]<span dir="LTR">Spout design needs to be improved. Possibly something other than the C.A.R.B. type spout with an O-Ring seal.</span>


For more information on this product or other Kolpin products please feel free to contact them at:</p>


P.O. Box 107, 205 N. Depot Street
Fox Lake, Wisconsin 53933-0107</p>

Telephone: (920) 928-3118
Toll Free: (877) 956-5746
Fax: (920) 928-3687</p>

Email: <a href="mailto:[email protected]">[email protected]

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The older style were made very well. The new are made with a new style cap that vents through the cap. There are problems with this setup as it can be very easily to mess the cap up. You can request a C.A.R.B legal cap free of charge I think from Kolpin. This solved the leaking problem for sure. I have not has a problem with mine at all since switching.

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I have used the Kolpin fuel and water packs here in the Southern Nevada desert for a couple years now.
I used them on my 99 Bigbear 350 that has larger racks than the Grizzly.
I just bought (2 weeks ago) an 08 Grizzly 700 EPS and took it to the Paiute trails this week.
The packs fit fine on the smaller racks of the Grizzly also.
I agree that the Kolpin fuel and water packs are a life saver and double the time I can spend riding.
I stack the fuel on the bottom, the water above that, and a soft pack with tools and odds and ends on top of that and I still have room enough to see over the bars.
Here is a link to some of the pictures we took on the trails.

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RotopaX said:
See for FUEL PACKS that are manufactured by the company that made the GREAT original FUEL PACKS for Kolpin before they reduced there quality to save a couple $$$$.
These are the originator's of the fuel packs and they have a even newer and better product in the ROTOPAX. Check it out and then call Jason and get one they'er great.
I got the dual gas set and it works great and easy to use. Very well made ofcourse and they'er working on a new tie-down for it. Currently will use the Kolpin.
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