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ITP Mud Lite XL tire

We sought out looking for a tire that met our demands to be an medium aggressive mud tire, provide some additional clearance over stock and maintain a lightweight platform as to not rob us of any additional power than necessary. So we had narrowed it down to the Mud Lite XL in a 27” diameter.

We purchased 2 sets of these tires to outfit the Rincon and the Grizzly 700 from Mike at Dick's ATV. Customer service was exceptional! We decided to have the tires mounted on 12” SS112 machined finish wheels due to the lifetime structural warranty that the wheels carry and the type terrain we ride in. Well 3 days later the brown truck came and dropped 8 tires off I could not believe how fast shipping from Dick’s ATV was.

We were so excited to try these tires out that we nearly had them mounted on our quads before the guy could get back into his brown truck. Overall impression of the tires and wheels left us staring at them like we were kids staring back through the window at a candy store. The Grizzly was a very aggressive looking machine now and the Rincon no slouch either. I think the 27" tires really fill the wheels up very nice on the two beasts.


The first trail test was out across a variety of terrain. We were on pavement, gravel roads, smooth dirt and standard trails. The tires were doing great. Then on a logging road came the first test. A rutted out section with some deep gooey mud, No problem I thought! I punched in the 4-wheel drive and off I went with the 1 1/8” lugs chewing through the mud and begging for more. The Mud Lites did an exceptional job through this section of trail, which left me feeling confident that these tires would handle anything I needed them to do.

My overall impression in these tires is good. We know that there is a better tire out there. But these were the only tires in the price range in which we were looking for that met all of our requirements. They are lighter than many other tires in this size range and provide adequate traction. I will throw in that these tires do not wear well when riding rocky areas or pavement. And seem to puncture very easy. On out most recent trip we ended up puncturing two holes in one sidewall. But all in all we would recommend these tires to those who like to play in the mud some but spend more time playing on the trails.

Here is our ATVTORTURE scorecard

* Customer Service / Technical Service: 10
* Price competitiveness: 10
* Packaging: 10
* Ease of installation: 10
* Fit: 10
* Finish: 10
* Performance: 6
* Test Mileage: 925

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Re: ITP Mud Lite XL tire

I have 26" on my Rincon. At 2500 miles they are over 1/2 worn. The only flat I have gotten was when I hit a rock and bent the inside of my right rear rim. I had to ride 15 miles on the flat. After pulling the wheel and beating it almost straight it is now still holding air. I do a lot of rock riding so I keep the air pressure higher than recomended to save sidewalls. Last winter in the snow however, I let them down to about 3psi and they worked great. The 12" wide rears are wearing great. The 9" fronts are badly cupped. I'm sure that I will get at least the winter out of them though.

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Re: ITP Mud Lite XL tire

I have 27 x12 and 27x9 they have been good tires, I have over 1k miles on them and only have 1 puncture. They seem to be wearing well, I have done a fair amount of road riding in wv on our torture trips

i like them

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I recently purchased these tires for my 07 grizzly. I pull a wagon full of gravel up from the creek bed here on the farm and wanted more aggressive tires.

When I hit a muddy spot I mashed the fuel and it started raining mud.

I never could get that effect with the factory tires.

(kept factory size tires, run at 7 psi.
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