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ATV Product REVIEW: Dobeck Pefromance Tfi Fuel Controller

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Dobeck Tfi EFI Fuel Controller

Test Vehicle: 2007 Grizzly 700

We purchased the Dobeck performance Tfi fuel controller directly from Dobeck Performance mainly to add fuel to our Grizzly 700 test machine for use with an aftermarket exhaust system. Overall installation was very easy due to the excellent instructions provided by Dobeck. It was siply a matter of un-plugging the harness connector at the throttle body, pluggin the Dobeck harness into the throttle body and plugging the stock harness into the Dobeck harness. This is all basically a pigtail setup. The only other requirement to installation was to attach the ground wire of the Dobeck.

Tuning however was a different story. This is where I felt that they deserved a 7 out of 10 rating. The author of the tuning instructions automatically assumed the end user had prior experience tuning a carburetor. There were also a few problems in one of the settings in which the instructions really did not cover very well. I called Dobeck and spoke with Matt and he was very helpful in the rest of the setup.

As far as price competitiveness goes. This is the only EFI fuel controller that we have any experience with. But by judging the competitors products from research I give it an 8. The finish and overall appearance are pretty basic. But it looked well made and seems to hold up to the abuse usually associated with ATV riding. All in all from a performance standpoint this unit does what we needed it to do by adding the needed extra fuel that is required with aftermarket pipe and other performance accessories. Despite some slight complications during tuning setup and the fact that there was a new generation of controller available only to exhaust manufacturers we give this unit the ATVTORTURE stamp of approval.

* Customer Service / Technical Service: 10
* Price competitiveness: 8
* Packaging: 10
* Ease of installation: 7
* Fit: 10
* Finish: 10
* Performance: 9
* Test Mileage: 743
* This review was completed September 14, 2007
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