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<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN" ""> <html xmlns=""> <head> <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=iso-8859-1" /> <title>Untitled Document</title> </head> <body> <h1 align="center">
</h1> <h1>Black Jack Tire Repair Kit Review</h1> <p align="left">
One of the things we all dread when going out for a trail ride is a flat tire. There’s no good that can happen from being out on a trail, miles away from the nearest repair facility. Let’s face it, there are two types of riders out there...those that have had a flat and those that will. It’s inevitable; everyone at one time or another will get a flat. So why not be prepared? Most serious riders will carry a plug kit or liquid sealant (a.k.a “Fix-a-flat”) to repair a tire in the event one gets a flat while out exploring new places.</p> <p align="left">While out on the trail one day, I observed a rep-air kit being used by a gentleman who claimed it to be the “best” system to fix flat tires. At this point he had our attention and the urge to find out for ourselves led us to contacting the Black Jack Tire Repair Company. The friendly folks over at Black Jack said they had just what we need and before we knew it a BJK40 and BJK20SC tire kit were on their way to us. The Black Jack Tire repair kits are composed of two heavy duty “T” handle tools with replaceable tool tips, an allen wrench for tool tip replacement, a razor to cut off the excess repair, repair lube, and a custom engineered high impact molded case for securing
everything in one convenient location.</p> <h2 align="left">Black Jack First Impression </h2> <p align="left">The case alone was a huge selling point for me. Most repair kits on the market today do not come with a case and leave the method of storing repair kits up to you. Unfortunately, most storage ideas for plug kits do not hold up to the rigorous abuse of riding in a pack or box mounted on an ATV. I’ve tried everything to date including a pencil box wrapped with electrical tape because it wouldn’t stay shut (that’s what I removed to make room for this kit!) On the inside of the Black Jack case is a permanently adhered set of detailed instructions on how to make a repair. Another impressive component of this kit are the heavy duty 12 ounce chrome “T” handle reaming and insertion tools.</p> <h2 align="left">Black Jack Main Components
</h2> <p align="left">Yet these components are not what make the Black Jack Tire Kits so special, it’s the repair plugs. The BJK40 Black Jack Tire Repair kit comes with 40 tire repairs (plugs) each composed of 12 strands of high-tensile fiber. Most plugs on the market today use only 7 strands of fiber. Each strand of fiber is impregnated with a live rubber compound called butyl rubber. This compound has been laboratory developed using carbon black to not only strengthen the butyl rubber, but to also match it to the color of a tire. The BJK20SC has the same quality heavy duty tooling but is smaller in size and comes with only 20 tire repairs. </p> <p align="left">It should also be noted that cured repairs force the puncture to conform to the shape of the tire, whereas the Black Jack Tire repair conforms to the size and shape of the puncture. This in turn relieves the stress placed on the radial belts and preserves the tires body. Black Jack also guarantees the repair for the life of the tire! Can you beat that? Repair installation is very easy and can be accomplished in the following easy steps. </p> <p align="left"></p> <p align="left"></p> <p align="center">
</p> <p align="center">
</p> <p align="center">
</p> <p align="left">That's it! Repair complete in 10 minute or less. </p> <h2 align="left"> Black Jack Summary </h2> <p align="left"> The Black Jack Tire repair kit will make a great addition to any ATV tool box. The heavy duty tools and compact box will give you the piece of mind knowing you are prepared for that inevitable flat that awaits you. Keep in mind this kit does not include a method of re-inflating your flat tire once repaired. We usually carry a 12-volt mini air compressor that can be found at just about any auto parts store. The reason being is that the Black Jack kit was designed and intended for use at professional tire repair centers. In the future, we would like to see the Black Jack Tire Company make an ATV/motorcycle specific kit with a CO2 system for easy tire inflation.</p> <p align="left"></p> <h2 align="left">Conclusion</h2> <p align="left">The Black Jack Tire Repair kit was made to accommodate tire repairs at the professional level. We felt due to its design and tooling it deserved further investigation from our crew. We are very glad we made a choice to TORTURE this kit. ATVTORTURE is happy to endorse the Black Jack Tire Repair Kit. Its heavy duty industrial grade design, ease of use, and unbeatable warranty are just some of the great factors that allow us to endorse this product. </p> <p align="left">Pros:</p> <div align="left"> <ul type="disc">
[*]Compact design
[*]Heavy duty case and tools
[*]Superior repairs plugs
[*]Lifetime repair guarantee
</div> <p align="left">Cons:</p> <div align="left"> <ul type="disc">
[*]No methods for tire re-inflation
[*]Tough to navigate website
</div> <p align="left"></p> <p align="left">For more information on the BJK40 or BJK20SC contact:
Black Jack Tire Repair
St. Joseph
MO USA </p> </body> </html>
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