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artic cat troubles

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I have a 06 700se cat,checked for codes found ec00, no codes present ,adjusted TPS.Unit runs after cranking for abite,new sparkplug ,stales out all the time.Any help,thanks.My 93 polaris runs like a champ.
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Cat, can you give a little more info about the situations when it stalls out?

If you just leave it sitting idling, does it stall? Or is it right off the start with just barely giving it throttle or does it stall at high RPM ranges? For example, the 07 and 08 Grizzly was prone to stall right off the start if you only gave it a little juice and it was fuel injected.

If you can tell us more about how much throttle it is being given when it stalls, that will help to diagnose. If it doesn't do it at a certain point every time, please give details about that as well.

06 700se,runs at idle and just stales,bring up RPM and it seems to backfire and seems like IGN. problems, wondering if the ECM,could be the issue.Again no codes present . Does the ECM control IGN. advance. THANKS FOR ANY HELP.
By the fact that it is stalling at idle and backfiring, it sounds like the carburetor is out of adjustment to me. Backfiring is indicative of it running lean. Stalling sound like it isn't getting enough fuel or that it is getting too much fuel and flooding it. When it stalls, will it crank right back up or does it have to sit for a few minutes before it will crank?

Have you adjusted on the carburetor at all and possibly gotten it out of wack?

I guess I should have asked before assuming but does that quad by chance have fuel injection rather than a carburetor?
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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