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Artic Cat 700 Codes

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Hello, does anyone know where I can find a list of diognostic code for an Artic Cat ATV 700 4x4 EFI.
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I have moved your post to the Artic Cat forum where it is more appropriate than the introduction forum.

Please see the info below and see if this will help you:

Key off
Insert Jumper pin in Diagnostic plug Key on
Read codes on the pod display
Key off
Remove the jumper pin

Key off
Insert Jumper pin in Diagnostic Plug
Put in 4 wheel drive
Depress the Reverse Override Button
Key On
Pod will read AC-00
All codes have been reset
Key off
Remove jumper pin

Key off
Insert jumper pin in diagnostic plug
Key on
Loosen Throttle Position sensor retaining screw
Adjust Throttle position sensor until the mark
on the pod is centered
Tighten Throttle Position sensor screw
Key off
Remove Jumper pin

Key off
Insert jumper pin in diagnostic plug
Hold throttle open
Key on
Hold throttle open for 10 - 15 seconds
Key off

Here are what all the codes mean:

S C = Stored code A C=Active Code
No fault detected Active only - 12
Crank position sensor * - 13
Manifold Absolute Pressure - 14
Throttle position sensor - 15
Engine coolant temp sensor - 16
Speed sensor - 21
Inlet air temperature Sensor - 23
Tilt Sensor * - 24
Ignition coil #1 * - 26
Ignition coil #2 * - 32
Fuel injector #1 * - 34
Fuel injector #2 * - 40
Idle speed control - 41
Fuel pump Relay - 60
Cooling fan relay - 95
Sensor power - 96
Incorrect ECU * - 97
ECU memory power - 98
UART Comm Link - 99
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arctic cat 700 mud pro

i dont have a jumper pin to do diagnostic the 700 mud pro h1 and cant read codes it just says efi on cluster and its blinking 15 times i think that may be the throttle position sensor
I have a 2008 arctic cat 700 efi and it is giving me IEC23 and IEC99 for codes. I am getting confused because the one list kinda pointed me to tilt sensor and now another list is saying inlet air temp sensor. Which is it?
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