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Are you okay!!!

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<font size=1>[url=""]Big Dude Rolls ATV Over Him[/url] - Watch more [url=""]free videos[/url]</font>
I like how the dude runs down the hill chasing the 700 plus pound quad as if he will miraculously halt it's continuing tumble.
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r u f'n kidding me? Why would he be in the path. that guy was moving too. Lucky he got up Somethings never amaze me.
Oh yeah...this is why we have to fight for places to ride.
Thats right!
Here is another cazy one!!!


<embed src="" width="480" height="385"></embed> 
 [url=""] Video From[/url]
And no helmet, Whatta tool!!!!
Oh yeah! :headbang: Whey to show us there skooter. :headbang: (Good grief man...)
brian111682 said:
here's another example
check this out

shoulda strapped down the ramps.....
DOH! :BangHead:
Wonder what was in the cooler? Almost had to be nice cold beer.

(My wife can never see this thread.) 8)
Now this is gonna leave a mark:

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