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Are you a Mass Resident?

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I've come here in desperation for 90,000 fellow riders in Mass.
A SAMS type organization was formed and is ready to sink.

Without riders working towards trails, we will see a couple of DCR parks in Mass and the rest will be lost to stricter tresspass laws on land you don't own and against zoning laws on land you do own.

There are only a few functional clubs in Mass.

1/2 of that list is existant on paper.....
Some of the guys here know me from riding and know I am serious about trying to help.

If I can not reach real riders in Mass soon, we will loose any outside help from BRC, NOHVA, 4HATV, and any of the grant programs that we keep missing out on.

We need pillar people. Leaders who can DO!
This is what makes good clubs in other states..... why not here????

PM me or e-mail me for more info or to chat!
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