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Attention racers, please do not believe anything that you do not see on our website. There have been many people making false comments that the race is cancelled this Sunday March 6th. I am telling you that it is NOT cancelled. To tell you the truth we had to cancel last week because the weather looked too good, and this race is named Arctic Blast. It has to live up to it's name, LOL.

We have laid new gravel in this facility to make it easier for everyone to get in and out of. We will also have a dozer on site just incase. We are ready for this race and the track looks awesome. It is in great shape for a harescramble race. It is set up for the predicted weather conditions. So everyone get your boots on and buckle those helmets because we are soooooo ready to hear those famous words in hare scramble " Were going to go racing in 10 ssssseeecccooonnndddsss!!!!" Hope everyone is as psyched as we are. See you all bright and early Sunday morning.

Racers do not forget that if you have raced 3 or less races with MOVHS then you qualify for one of our contingencies. Race your first 10 races and get the next five race entries free. Don't forget that we have the highest PRO/ PROAM payout scale around. We also give out a $1000 race purse at each event. The best part is our year end purse totaling over $23,400. There will be a total payout over $53,000 in 2011 at MOVHS. Why race anywhere else if you can race at MOVHS?

We have top of the line, live, transponder scoring. Much more to be revealed through out the year so stay tuned to Mid Ohio Valley Hare Scramble Cross Country Series The Racers Series.....

Thanks Your Friend,

Rick Sams
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