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Anyone Interested in New Year Ride!

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Hey ya'll:

I am getting a bunch of buddies together to go riding in the river bottoms near Vincennes, Indiana. We are going on new year's day, judging by the way the weather has been it will either be nice and muddy, or we will have a nice snowy trail! If you are interested let me know, I will be getting more details as it gets closer! Hope we can have a decent turnout!

They are also having a New Year's day ride at Redbird in Sullivan, IN! Not sure on details for it yet either, but will post if I hear! Unfortunately, I can't go up there, because a couple of the guys that are already going with me don't have there vehicles registered. In Indiana if you want to register through Indiana you have to wait 3-4 weeks and that is not enought time to get them registered. But, either way if you can get out this way I am sure we will have a blast! If you can't make it Happy New Year, anyway!:eek:ccasion14:
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Alright, we currently have about 20 riders coming on the ride! We are willing to get more if yanyone still wants to, but we will be meeting at the gas station on the east side of HWY 41 at approx. 10 AM and will then head to an open lot in town! We will unload there and ride out to the river, and let the mud fly! Happy New Year to Everyone!
I would love to get some riding in if it wasn't such a trek.
Hey Grizz Rider ..... you buy my gas .... I'd love to try & make it .... Ummm .... I'd have to leave tonite huh ?? ..... :eek:ccasion14:

Later .....
Man, I wanted to do it til I saw it was 9 hours and 15 minutes from home. YIKES!!!!
Yeah, figured most of ya would be pretty far away! Gunny, I would by the gas, but the wife said that I was only alotted $15 this week, will that be enough??:) Thanks for the interest, maybe sometime we can all find a place we can get together, I am always wanting to try new places to ride! I mainly put this on here to let people know where I normally ride, and see if there is anyone in my area that would be interested. Are most of you going riding New Year's Day?
$15 ... :eek: ... have you seen my truck ?? That'll barely get me out of my own city dude !!!

Well, it's too late to leave now & make it to the gas station on the east side of HWY 41 by 10 AM on New Years Day .... :crybaby2:

I am going riding this weekend, but not till Friday or Saturday. Suppose to snow New Years Day, so maybe I'll get to do some plow'in ! :glasses9:

I don't know if any of you guys have to worry about avalanches, but we've had a rash of them out West here & they are killing guys left & right .... So ... Everyone Be Safe riding this winter .... we don't need to be read'in about anyone in the news !!!! ... Savvy ??

Besides, the wife, kids, or girlfriend want ya to come home .... they hate tak'in the trash out !!!! ... :thumbsup:

Later ....
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Good idea, you have a safe ride too, and no, no issues with avelanches here, I still have yet to see any snow, just ice! Have a Happy New Year!
... just ice! Have a Happy New Year!
If that ice is on a river / pond/ or lake .... same rules apply ... and "Use Caution" is number one I think !! :headbang:

Here's wishing you & yours a Very Happy New Year ... :hello:

Later ...
Just an update, ya'll missed a great ride! we had 15 quads and 3 sidexsides! We ended up riding on the Hawthorn mining grounds, it was a different experience. Nothing but hills and tight trails, very technical! I wish I would have taken my camera, but it was awesome. Hope you all can come next time! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!
Oh Yeah ... SURE ya had a great ride .... SURE there was 15 quads & 3 SxS's ... SURE it was tight & technical .... and SURE ya just happened to forget your camera .... Nice Grizz Rider .... real freak'in nice !!! ;;s;; :sign7:

At least when I forgot to put it in 4-wheel drive ... I had my camera !!! :glasses9:

What ?? .... You were expect'in me to say, "Wish I coulda been there !!" ....... well ......... matter of fact .... Yeah, wish I coulda been there !!! ......... :hello:


Later Dude ....
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I would have to completely concur with everything Gunny just said!:TTIWWP:
I know that there were a couple of pics taken on cell phones I will see if I can get them and try to post them, but I agree it loses all credibility and excitement without pics!
Ohhh ... don't fret ... just make dang sure to take you're camera next time .... cause if ya don't .... I don't wanta hear how freak'in fun it was or how pretty, wet, muddy, or whatever .... ;;s;; .... Savvy ?? :sign10:

Later ...
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