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anybody with experience with AAEN exhaust???

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I'm curious if anyone has tried the AAEN exhaust on a Gade and what the experience was as far as power, loudness and build quality.

Also, if you ran or run it, do you have a fuel controller as well?

I was considering a muzzy full system but curious about the AAEN.

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Well we just received and AAEN exhaust for our Project-X quad. Overall, it looks lik a well made setup. It's ceramic coated inside and out to help for cooling and longevity of life. We will be doing a full review of the AAEN Exhaust for the Renegade 800.

In the meantime, here is a flash video I put together of it:

looking forward to a indepth full review on both stock and AAEN exhausts systems.
It's a very nice system that seems to give good results and the heat differential is unreal. After all is said and done, I will be wrapping my entire exhaust in a heat wrap material which should help even more. But, I can't do that until I log some data on the heat aspects of the AAEN over the stock exhaust.

With it being ceramic coated inside and out, I expect extreme decreases in temp in the silencer, engine temp and the heat temp the rider feels.

If you've riden a Renegade, you know how hot they get on your legs.

Just a couple of thoughts on the exhaust Buster. It's too loud! I'll bet you will like both the turn down tip and the spark arrested Supertrapp tip better than the tip you have on it now, as both will be quieter and will not decrease power. Maybe when you do the final review you could include a sound clip of all three tips so people can hear how much better the Supertrapp tip in particular sounds. The heat wrap data is going to be interesting as well. Be sure and use the high temp spray on copper sealant, because it is just as important as the heat wrap itself. It is a pain in the butt to put on, and it looks like crap, but it does prevent any heat on the legs.

Anyway, your ATV is looking nice. Good work, and good to see you've taken the last schoolbus colored parts off.

Thanks Phil and yes it has come a long way. I've got some top-down images of it with the seat that really show how cool the kit looks. I have to find which memory stick they're on though.

What do you mean too loud? It's really not that loud....a few decibels less than the LRD I had on my Grizz and from what I've heard, much quieter than the HMF stuff.

I really like the look of the straight out cone tip and when the final review is completed, it will include decibel info for all 3 tips as well as sound clips. However, I am sure it will be a little quieter with the turn down simply b/c the sound is going down at the ground. Additionally, the turn down isn't as large of an output as the cone tip.

BTW, I know my flash file below starts playing automatically when you open the thread or reply to it, You can scroll down, right click on it and uncheck "Play". I'm going to update it tonight to have a play control in it.
I've gotta tell y'all that the prelim testing of the AAEN shows major temp improvements in the pipe and engine temp over the stock, not to mention performance improvements. The prelim temp tests have been done on both pipes going from stone cold to a 5 minute idle and as impressive.

Additionally, there is only a 3db gain in idle sound over stock since the stock Renegade exhaust is fairly loud compared to others. That is fairly impressive too. The LRD on my Grizz measure 93-94db's but in stock form, the Grizz was around 86-87. The stock Rene is about 89-90db and the AAEN is 92-93. Not much difference at idle.

Great info! I love the fact that the exhaust is ceramic coated. That gives it additional HP producing capabilities over other exhausts.
I will also say the temp differences after a just over 3 mile ride averaging 30 mph is pretty substantial. I don't have my log sheet in front of me but the stock silencer after that ride was right at 663 degrees F. The AAEN was around the 200 degree mark. Proof that ceramic coating yields amazing temperature differences. Had anyone told me to guess what a silencer's temp would be after a 3 mile ride, I would never had suspected 663 degrees.

The final write-up of this system will include temperature difference data at the silencers, the pipe leading into the silencer, 2 different locations on the heat shield, and the front and rear cylinder temps with each setup.

Wow! I am seriously considering having my Muzzy ceramic coated on my V as it is very...very hot. That is the primary reason I wrapped it with heat wrap. The heat on my leg was almost unbearable.
Well let me clarify my numbers a little then and after my write-up is done, I will be doing numbers on the exhaust temp without and then with a full exhaust wrap done.

The silencer after a 3.2 mile ride was 663 degrees F with the stock silencer. The AAEN on the same ride at the same average speed was 134.1 degrees F. The total temp difference was a 528.9 degree difference and 79.77% reduction at the silencer.

I don't know how much better on the header pipe(s) exhaust wrap is over ceramic coating or which is better for reduction, but when you get to that kind of temp reduction, the rider has GOT to feel major differences in temp on the legs. PLUS, getting that heat out of the exhaust and out the back just helps HP.

Obviously there are advantages to doing a full ceramic coated system rather than a wrapped system from the standpoint of corrosion over time from a wrapped system that gets wet and/or muddy. I just wonder which reduces heat the most. I'm pondering getting my entire head pipe done in ceramic locally. Possibly a full wrap over that would make heat possible un-feelable. Might be overkill or stupid though. Who knows.....
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Best Pipe for Otty?

Thanks for all the great information on the Aaen pipe. I saw the review you did on the gade. I have an 09 Otty and would like a diiferent pipe. My buddy put a Ron Woods pipe on his. It's great for power and sounds awsome with the supertrapp but, I'm afraid of the reviews about rust. I'm learning toward the Aaen slip on pipe. I had an HMF on my King Quad and wasn't really impressed with the extra performance or sound. Do you know what tip comes stock with the Aaen pipe? Is it the turn down or cone or can I decide when I buy it? Does anyone know if they are forestry approved and will I need a controller? I will probable end up with the supertrapp as an extra tip. Any information appreciated.
Another consideration if rust is your concern is a system from Muzzys or a system from LTE Racing. Both setups are stainless and aluminum combination and are knon perfromance makers.

Do a search and you'll find a few reviews completed on both systems, just different bikes.
Another consideration if rust is your concern is a system from Muzzys or a system from LTE Racing. Both setups are stainless and aluminum combination and are knon perfromance makers.

Do a search and you'll find a few reviews completed on both systems, just different bikes.
I looked at the LTE and the Muzzy. I'm leaning toward a Aarn. Do you know if they require a controller? I just really like the sound of the supertrapp. What other mufflers have the supertrapp?
The AEEN is ceramic coated inside and out so you should be good to go for rust prevention. It comes with the turn-down and you can purchase any of the other tips. The cone tip, has a spark arrestor so I would guess it is forestry approved.

You can call and speak with Allena (pronounced A-lay-na) and she should be able to answer any of those questions about being forestry approved.

You do NOT need a fuel controller from my testing. After quite a bit of riding, the plug is the perfect color for optimum performance. I actually had an angine builder tell me that on the Rene and the Outty, unless you get into the motor doing pistons, that a fuel controller will hurt you by making it run too rich. he said that withy the stock exhaust, they run a little rich. Opening up the exhaust with an after market system leans them out til they are a good air/fuel ratio.

keep in mind that the AAEN has the supertrapp tip option. I like the sound of the cone best myself.

I hope that helps!
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