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Went for a ride today ... it was my 14th trip out this season. :cheer: And today was both good & not so good. First, we got between 2 & 3 ft of new snow last week. So I headed up the groomed trail to this one canyon I really enjoy. There was about 2 ft of fresh new snow ... yet it wasn’t powder & it was bugger to turn in sometimes ... especially if I got down where the sleds had been ... which is kinda hard not to do, as the canyon is narrow ... Two sledders came up behind me, stopped to say they were real impressed that I could get around so good. Then a little later, one got stuck in a small ravine & I helped him get back on the trail .... someday, I might need the help, who knows ... LOL !!! :eek:ccasion14:
I’ve uploaded a bunch of videos’ & some photos from today. But I must warn ya, I’m still learn’in how to use this camera. So, there are a couple that are hard to listen to, so turn your sound down on the following video clips ... the first one & the second one, titled "Handlebar Mounted", and "Snowshoe Mounted". And then later on, there will be another one titled, "Snowshoe Mounted 2".

I also threw in a couple I thought were funny .... :sign10:

I have some short ones ... that were supposed to be longer ... not sure why they turned out so short ... :icon_scratch:

Then the last three ... when you load items on this photobucket, you have to start with the last thing you want to have people view & work towards what you want them to view first. I messed up those three ... so watch them in this order ... “Steep & Soft”, then “2nd Try”, then “Made it” ... :icon_thumleft:

After those two sledders first thing in the morning, I didn’t see another person all day .... that was the good part ... the bad part was the snow conditions. After I left the canyon & got out on the flat ... there was about 12 to 14 of fresh snow, with a 3 to 4 inch layer of semi-hard snow underneath ... so as you rode across it, it felt like the bike was sinking, then going good, then sinking, etc ... never knew if I was gonna get stuck out in the middle of nothing or what ... however, the tracks just scooted along with never a problem. Around lunch (1230pm) the sun had warmed the snow up & it became soft & felt better under the bike.

Well, hope ya enjoy the all the videos & photo’s .... ;;t;;

28 Mar 09 :: Handlebar Mounted video by GunnyE9 - Photobucket

Later ....

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