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I was just wondering which airfilter oil everyone is using? Any bad experinces with any particular brands? Thanks! :icon_salut:
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I use both Maxima FFT and Twin Air foam filter oil. I like the Twin Air foam filter oil better because it is easier to work with.
I have tried a lot of different types. By far the best to date that I have discovered is some made by Fab 1. It is in a spray can, and is enough to do 2-3 applications, Extremely tacky, washes off your hands with dawn dish soap, died blue to show coverage. When it comes out is is very cold, almost frozen. This makes it very easy to work with. I usually pick it up at a local shop for 6.99 a can. A great tip is to wear latex or nitrile gloves when handling the filter after oil application. It will save you a lot of cleanup time.
I've been "stuck" with Bel Ray...

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I have been using Uni Foam Filter Oil on my Uni.


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I use PJ1 oil and cleaner, really tacky stuff, its red so you can see where its been sprayed on. The cleaner works really good too, just soak it and let it sit for like 10 minutes and it dissolved the oil, and loosens up the dirt. Wash out with soap and water and its all clean.
I'm using FAB1 oil that's a blue spray on. It's pretty darned tacky which is what we want so that's good. I know nothing about the brand but it's what my dealer had as a spray so I got it. $7.50 @ my dealer.

I will say that I will never use an oil that comes in a jug/bottle that you dip the filter in and then ring it out again. I used that Bel-Ray stuff and just didn't like the mess or the over abundance of oil once it was coated, over-coated that is. It was way too messy and put way too much oil on the filter. You couldn't ring enough of it out to make it flow right.

This reminds me, I need to clean my filter. :club:

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