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A Look at ATV History

ATVs, or all terrain vehicles, have been popular vehicles over the years. ATV history is especially interesting in that these vehicles have evolved from vehicles used in the most remote parts of Japan to vehicles that are popular today for recreation.

The first ATVs came in Japan as a means of getting through the tough and remote farmlands of the country. The muddy condition of the roads had originally made it difficult to navigate through these lands, and this was especially the case during spring thaws. The three-wheeled ATV was developed as a means of getting through these tough roads. These were found to be very viable in that they were less expensive than farm vehicles that were larger and could be easily damaged.

Over time the Japanese found that these could easily be made commercially for others. In the early 1970s ATV vehicles became available for sale in North America. Honda, which was already famous for making various great motorcycles, started to make ATVs for commercial use. Among one of the most famous ATV vehicles used by Honda for sale was the US90. This was one of the most famous ATV vehicles in that it has been used for not only recreational use but also for business use.

What has made the ATV so popular over history is that it is less expensive to operate than other vehicles that are for off-road use like a truck or tractor. During the gas shortage of the 1970s this made ATVs incredibly popular. Also, ATVs could be used over any types of terrain.

There were concerns about ATVs early on in ATV history. Tires could have easily punctured on tough terrain. Also, tires could not be repaired. In 1975 the tires were improved on the ATV model in that steel hubs were added to the tires and stronger fabrics were used for tire manufacturing.

In the 1980s ATVs became used for utility purposes and as racing vehicles. In fact, ATV usage doubled over the course of the decade. Another of the more famous ATV vehicles was formed in 1988 by Honda in the FourTrax 300. The FourTrax 300 4×4 was also developed by Honda. A fourth wheel was added to the vehicle and more power was added to the vehicle as a result.

Also on the FourTrax there was a four stroke single cylinder engine that allows for a five speed transmission. A drive shaft that is maintenance free was also formed. Another low gear was added so that the vehicle could be used to transport heavier objects.

ATV history is still evolving to this day. There have been all sorts of famous ATV vehicles that have been benchmarks for process with this form of transportation. The biggest thing about this though is that ATVs have become great for not only work sites but also for recreation.
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