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750 BF snorkel

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Hey everybody: I'm new to this forum stuff so please bare with me!!
I have a 2008 750 Brute Force with a power commandre USB module that I recently put a snorkel kit on (saw it on Mud in :beer"my blood) what I would like to know is, have I restricted the air intake too much by reducing the PVC size to 1-1/2" at the couplers that come through the cowl around the steering ( only a run of about 6")??? And would like to here some thoughts on what you guys think of swamp lites??

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Very interesting question. I wonder what the limit is when reducing the size of the pipes? I've not ever heard of anyone claiming that they put too small of a snorkel on before so I'm curious to hear some responses on this as well.

Swamp Lite tires are pretty good. They certianly offer up a better ride and more traction than the stock tires. The only down side I can mention is that they wear fast compared to some others.
Thanks Battlegun:

The reason I ask about the dia of the pipe is because it seems to "smell" a little richer than normal,(I sized it down simply because of lack of space) but I don't have any real riding time in with the snorkel.
As far as the tires, I have 26" carlisle ACT's on STI slasher rims on it, I would like something more aggressive, but not something thats gonna make my fillings fall out!! I ride pretty much everything from snow to some pretty wicked mud holes. I had GBC dirt tamers originally ordered but it would have taken about 4 months to get them and I wanted to ride that weekend
well, it would be based on volume of air the snorkel pipe flows. My guess would the the snorkel would flow less that per say...the stock filter apparatus.

I would need to dig out some old books to find the formulas to determine the coefficients of the setup you are referring to.

9 times out of ten I read guys installing snorkels and there bikes running horrible. This is mainly due to it running too rich by restricting some of the air flow to the carburetor.
On tires, I'd recommend Mud Bugs, but they are going to be hard to get too. Check out some of our reviews on tires to see if you see anything that sparks an interest. You can always reply to the review if you have any item spefic questions.

On the Snork Pipes, it stands to reason that it could prohibit the machines carb performance, but wouldn't / couldn't a EFI Tuner or jets resolve the issue?
I would guess 1.5" is too small and I went with 2" and have no problems at all. It has pretty suction with that big pipe when you put your hand near it and that is why I think 1.5" would be suffocating your Brute. 2" is very tight fit and I should have made it 2" air intake and run it to the middle and 1.5" for the others as the air flow is significantly less.
It has pretty suction with that big pipe when you put your hand near it
:eek: Whoah big guy...easy! :beer"
Why are mud bugs gonna be so hard to get?

And for the snorkel, I would have guessed that being EFI it should compensate with some minor power loss, but again like I said I don't have much time with snorkel, the bike does "so far"seems to run fine just smells a little rich.

Thanks again for the input
I'd look into other options for more air flow if you feel like your starving for more air. I'm sure many people have done the same bike with different routs of flex tubing vs pvc pipe. I have seen some run dual intake snorks to compensate for smaller pipe size. I don't know about the brute, but it's worth looking into so you don't loose any of that almighty power! good luck.
:eek: Whoah big guy...easy! :beer"
I feel like I'm in an episode of Family Guy with the Gun around!! Can't get anything by him!! What kind of engrish was that? I did break my hand yesterday but that may have been before so no excuses! That ruined my whole weekend even though I could probably tough it out.
yep so my typing may have caused me to sound like I don't speak the language. Wasn't allowed to bring the Brute in this weekend to ride(the mrs's) and everyone will be riding this weekend so I missed a doozy. I probably could have ridden but i want it to heal asap. I am heading up to get x-rays in the morning to make sure I set the bone right. I did a good job last time but it's too swollen to be sure right now since last time it didnt swell. I'm a fast healer and even though its a different finger bone I was better in two weeks so I will be back in a couple weeks to ride. In the mean time I need to adjust my belt and don't have a puller so this down time will allow me to get one. You know where I can get one fast and cheap?
I have been seeing them on ebay for around 30. Otherwise Dalton had me mine in a day from Canada. goes....

Mud Bugs may be hard to get because I was told by a Maxxis Rep a year or so ago that they will only be making them in small quanities and their orders must be enough to justify making more.

Sorry about the hazzing Bull. It's just in my blood. I don't watch Family Guy so I can't make the comparison. Sorry to hear about your hand too.

Dalton will have you a puller in a hurry. I have received two kits from them in around two days from Canada. I can't get stuff from IL that fast! Speaking of which, I need one of those to change my one way bearings I think. If I keep up this pace, I will have my own Can-Am Service Shop.
thanks for the input folks, like I say I'm fairly new to this forum stuff, I'm up here in Canada just tryn to figure some of this stuff out , You guys have been a grt help, if you need any help with sleds or boats give me a yell, got a 25' larson senza spectre 25' w/a 502mag 415hp works sweet! at least 72mh:thumbup:
Really board and 1/2way there, what are "Mud Gear" tires like? to heavy?
Really board and 1/2way there, what are "Mud Gear" tires like? to heavy?
I checked them out at a dealership one day. I didn't thing that they were too bad in weight. Definitely heavier than stock.
:eek: Whoah big guy...easy! :beer"
You broke your hand?
I bet Gun thinks I got it too close to the "pretty suction"! Well anyway that's not how it happened. Sunday afternoon everyone was suppose to come to the inlaws for a bday party. Everyone shows up with a wheeler and couldn't believe I didn't have mine. So long story short I borrowed a Raptor off a friend and my girl and I went with them. What stinks is that I broke my throttle hand so I can't drive with one hand when possible. I can only make half a fist and the rest was flapping around with every bump. Lesson learned! Never leave home without your wheeler!!
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