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700 grizzly EPS problem

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I have noticed since its been getting down below freezing at night. For the first hour i ride mt grizzly, at slow speeds my power stering will twitch really quick and pull to the right and goes back striaght. It only lasts for a split second, but its enough to freak you out. And it will do it about every 15-25sec. for about an hour. I was thinking i might have some water in a electrical connection and it freezes in there. Any how im open for any suggestions.
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grizzlywizard said:
I have heard about the same problems in other 700's. The bis culprit was due to water getting into the unit via the vent line and freezing. Another problem I have heard of is contaminates in the CV boot area.
I had ripped cv boot a few weeks ago. Do you think i should start looking there first?
My EPS light has never came on. And being i ripped a boot a rode the rest of the day, i think that might be my problem.
I will let you know what i find out.
I looked for 2 hours for the dipstick! :laughing7:
Well i removed the cv jont and cleaned it and replaced the grease and put it back together. I went to WNF yester and rode in the rain and snow for about 12. Had no problems till i was about 3 miles from the truck. And it started doing it again :cussing: So im thinking it has to be getting wet. I had rode in mud and water all day, and when it started doing it agian there was a nice long section of deep mudholes i was riding in. And all of the sudden my handle bars where turning left to right really fast by its Kind freaks you out a little. It lasted for about 30-45 seconds and stoppped. My eps light never came on while it was acting up. So i guess i will have to thru all the electric plugs and grease them.
Well i have been talking with Dan the CVMAN and he thinks i might have put something backwards when reassembling the inner cvjoint. So im going to have to take it apart again. :cussing: :BangHead:
Im still messing with it :BangHead: But i think im onto something. With both front wheels in the air. The right wheel i can spin freely.The left wheel spins freely then it gets stuck, the cv joint is binding up it feels. I took the outer CV apart and it looks ok to me. But i must have something in backwards. Does anyone have a picture or anything i can go off of to make sure Im putting this thing back together right? I feel like such a retard cause there isnt much to them. Do you think i might have the big washer backwards maybe?
But the good thing is, its my fault and not The Grizzly EPS!
I took out the axle today, and found that the outer CV joint is hanging up. If you rotate the joint it will bind up. I dont know what to do. At one point i had to put it in a vise and hit with a mallet cause it was so stuck bad. Then it rotated freely about 5-6 times then locked up again.
I wonder if that is whats going on when people bust the side out of there housing.
I just talked to Dan the CV man and he dont sell a half shaft. But he does sell the outer joint. And he said it is a pain to get apart cause of the snap ring on the inside that you cant see. So you have to beat apart.
what do you mean did the same thing? Bust out the side of housing? have any pics of your bike posted anywhere...i cant see it very well on avatar.
well i really cleaned my outer CV joint and added new grease. So im going to try it out today. Keep your fingers crossed.
I took it out for a little ride today and every thing seemed fine :icon_thumleft:
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