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700 grizzly EPS problem

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I have noticed since its been getting down below freezing at night. For the first hour i ride mt grizzly, at slow speeds my power stering will twitch really quick and pull to the right and goes back striaght. It only lasts for a split second, but its enough to freak you out. And it will do it about every 15-25sec. for about an hour. I was thinking i might have some water in a electrical connection and it freezes in there. Any how im open for any suggestions.
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Is it still under warranty? Seems like a silly a question, but I think most of us have the free 2 year warranty.
It really is. It's one of those "don't knock it till you try it". A lot of guys I ride with say it's not needed. I've ridden both and I switch back to take a friends quad for a spin...I wonder how I did it.
Bandit said:
Im still messing with it :BangHead: But i think im onto something. With both front wheels in the air. The right wheel i can spin freely.The left wheel spins freely then it gets stuck, the cv joint is binding up it feels. I took the outer CV apart and it looks ok to me. But i must have something in backwards. Does anyone have a picture or anything i can go off of to make sure Im putting this thing back together right? I feel like such a retard cause there isnt much to them. Do you think i might have the big washer backwards maybe?

uh my Tech tip for a front bearing install on a grizzly 660

The 700 is the same way. The right wheel always spins freely and the left wheel feels like it's sticks. It is normal and if you lift a grizzly on the showroom floor and try it, it will do the same thing.
Bandit said:
I wonder if that is whats going on when people bust the side out of there housing.
I don't think so. My 660 and 700 did the same thing and I haven't had an axle problem yet. Knock on wood. :BangHead:
1 - 4 of 36 Posts
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