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700 grizzly EPS problem

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I have noticed since its been getting down below freezing at night. For the first hour i ride mt grizzly, at slow speeds my power stering will twitch really quick and pull to the right and goes back striaght. It only lasts for a split second, but its enough to freak you out. And it will do it about every 15-25sec. for about an hour. I was thinking i might have some water in a electrical connection and it freezes in there. Any how im open for any suggestions.
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I have heard about the same problems in other 700's. The bis culprit was due to water getting into the unit via the vent line and freezing. Another problem I have heard of is contaminates in the CV boot area.
Try pulling the fuse to the EPS. See how everything in the steering behaves then. This would be the first problem I have heard with the EPS.
Bandit said:
My EPS light has never came on. And being i ripped a boot a rode the rest of the day, i think that might be my problem.
Out of all the complaints I have heard when someone thinks the EPS is acting up it has ended up being an issue with the CV boot / joint.

Good luck in your diagnosis.
How often do you have to check / change it? :dontknow:
Never read anything in the manual about it! :book1:
I know what you mean. I have switched some friends before and can't wait to get back on mine.
Yes it probably will. Sorry for running away with this thread.
1 - 9 of 36 Posts
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