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A friend has a 2004 Grizz 660. He runs a self modified air box with a pre filter and an HMF Utility w/out the QC. This really opened up the machine and I constantly warned him that he was probably running too lean. However, the machine ran really strong.

After some time, the quad has started popping, backfiring, missing, and just plain not running worth a darn. I told him to rejet still under the mind set that the quad was running way too lean. So he went to the dealer and picked up what was supposed to be the next size main jet. When he pulled the old one, it was larger than the one supplied by the dealer. He kept the old jet in. He then went to the plug. Said it looked fine. Maybe a hint of a caramel color around the edges.

Does anyone have any insight on this one? Maybe point me in a direction?
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