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420 Rancher with 25" Bighorns

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I have a 2008 420 Rancher that I am wanting to put a set of 25" Bighorns on. and have a quetion about how much power this will suck up. Does anyne have this combo out there, or wold I be better off with a Bighorn 2.0?
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I didn't notice a difference on my 450.
I think that you will be fine also. There is another member on this board with a 420 that is running Kenda Bearclaws and they are 26".
I had 25" Mudlites on my 420 and I didn't notice any change from the stock 24" except for increased ride height and more bragging rights but I now have 26" QuadBoss MudBoss Tires and I haven't noticed a power decrease but my overall gear ratio has changed and has modified my shift points (RPM
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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