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I wanted my Grizzly 700 to sound just a bit meaner than it did from the factory. But I've had several ATVs in the past with aftermarket exhaust, and invariably they have all been too loud, and become annoying on all day long rides. Worse yet, many of the aftermarket exhaust require frequent repacking, otherwise noise levels increase even farther while performance declines if they are not repacked. I did not want a loud exhaust on this Grizzly. I want to keep it forever, and didn't want to get tired of listening to it on long rides.

I chose a black billet exhaust tip from 2R Racing to replace the stock silencer's pea shooter sized outlet pipe. Installation takes all of five minutes, even if you don't read the instructions. It's that easy. Sound quality is perfect in my opinion. The exhaust note is deeper, and there is a just barely perceptible increase in sound. Just enough to make it sound a little more serious, but still very pleasant sounding. This is the best sounding exhaust I've heard on a utility ATV. Performance improvements are negligible, but my Grizzly performed just fine to begin with. I have had to make no pod adjustments, and the Grizzly starts and runs as it did before it had a better sounding exhaust. I would definitely recommend the 2R Racing exhaust tip.

Here's a picture.
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