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2021 Grizzly... transmission PARK issue... can't start the ATV

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I had a White 2017 Grizzly, never any problem, but then last July I traded it for a 2021 Grizzly in the Armor Gray color. Big mistake.

Immediately I noticed that many times while out riding, I'd stop, put the ATV in PARK, get the key out... later I'd return, put in the key, turn it on and press START... NOTHING. Then I'd notice the PARK light on the instruments was not illuminated. I learned I had to wiggle the shift lever or grab the bars and rock the machine around hard to get the transmission to "click" and then the PARK light would come on and I could start the ATV. Once no matter how hard I wiggled/moved the shift lever or rocked the machine, I could not get the PARK light to illuminate and I had to resort to the workaround of pulling in the left brake lever. Just getting on/off the machine at a stop does considerable rocking of the ATV, but not enough every time. It's heart stopping to be 30 miles out on a rarely traveled 50" trail and press the start button and have nothing happen.

This problem has NEVER occurred with my traded in 2017 Grizzly, another 2017 Grizzly, a 2017 Kodiak, a 2019 Grizzly and a 2021 Kodiak, just my 2021 Grizzly.

I've had this ATV into 2 dealers for a total of 5 times for issue. First I was told "they all do that", then later they called it "operator error”. Yamaha replaced the transmission switch twice and the rod in the shift linkage without success.

I've been asking for a even swap ATV replacement, and we got to within $800 and when I said no, they revoked the deal and told me to take it back to the dealer. It's been 5 attempts and 8 months so far, I'm not taking it back in. Clearly Yamaha cannot fix the issue.

Many will say it's no big deal, but I have trouble paying 10k++ for an ATV that does not perform properly. The owners manual says in 2 places that the PARK light will illuminate when the shift lever is in PARK, else take it to a Yamaha dealer.

I have a copy of a dealer service order where the tech says he CAN duplicate the issue in the shop.

Yamaha customer support only function it seems is to delay, delay and then delay more.

I should never have traded in that White 2017 for the Gray 2022 simply because I liked the Gray color better.

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