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The 2018 Can-Am Commander Mossy Oak Edition and Polaris General Hunting Edition are a pair of Sport-Utilty UTVs ready for action in the woods. Let’s see how they compare…by the numbers.

Now that we’re into fall and the hunting season, a lot of UTVs are getting pressed into service as hunting rigs as well as utility machines. But what if you don’t want as much utility as a Polaris Ranger, or Can-Am Defender, but still want a capable hunting machine? There are a lot of UTV owners who want more recreation than utility functionality, and for those buyers, Polaris makes the General and Can-Am has long had the Commander.

Both of these are amazing trail machines and a lot of fun to drive. They are also both offered up as hunting editions that make them perfect rigs for the adventuring outdoors person looking for the fastest way to the hunt. Which is better for you? Let’s take a look by the numbers.

Check out the head to head here: 2018 Can-Am Commander Mossy Oak Edition vs. Polaris General Hunting Edition: By the Numbers -
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