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Mean, Green Throw down!

John Deere practically invented the idea of the UTV with the very first Gators. Granted, those machines were a far cry from anything resembling the UTVs we know today. Still, Deere started something that grew to be one of the biggest segments in off-road. As the Gator lineup grew, Deere saw the value in increasing the recreational side, and not that long ago released the RSX line. The latest, the RSX860i, is as sporty a Deere has ever been.

The question is often asked – How does the RSX860i compare to other machines in the category? A check of many forums reveals that the machine it is most often compared to is the Kawasaki Teryx. They look similar, are aimed at a similar market share and are pretty close in the specifications area. How close? I’m glad you asked. Let’s take a look at how the John Deere Gator RSX860i and Kawasaki Teryx compare, by the numbers.

Check out the head to head here: 2017 John Deere Gator RSX860i vs. Kawasaki Teryx: By the Numbers -
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