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2017 Honda Pioneer 700-4 Deluxe Long Term Review

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The Honda Pioneer 700-4 is a competent workhorse and a capable trail machine, offering a level of versatility that is hard to beat.

When it comes to purposeful, economical Side-by-Sides that operate well in both a sport and utility capacity, it’s hard to beat the Honda Pioneer 700-4. A far cry from its predecessor the exclusively utilitarian BIG RED, the Pioneer platform offers plenty of grunt for the working man while being able to scratch the itch of a weekend warrior at the same time.

The 675cc powerplant is capable of toting a driver and crew around for a full day of work or play. It’s quiet, creates next to no vibration and offers the reliability you would expect from Honda. Over the course of our long term review we put our Pioneer 700-4 to the test at a variety of different trail riding destinations in the southeast with great amusement. It’s quick enough to keep you on your toes when dodging in and out of trees and powerful enough that we climbed every hill that we attempted without issue.

Check it out here: 2017 Honda Pioneer 700-4 Deluxe Long Term Review -
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