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2010 Yamaha Rhino Sneak Peek

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Here is a sneak peek at one of the new 2010 Yamaha Rhinos.


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I think it's great they did a small upgrade by adding the power steering the Grizz has had for a couple of years. Also some minor cosmetic and feature updates which were needed anyway.

Yami is getting blown away in the race arena by Polaris and even the Kawasaki Teryx has a much stronger and capable motor than the Rhino. Now they're gonna release a new model with no performance improvements in the power train???? The rhino has always been slow b/c of the 40 something MPH governor they stuck to it and now they add the extra weight of rear seats that don't have enough leg room for a dog to sit in. I'm confused as to the thought process behind this new model. Clearly Yami has given up on their ability to compete with, of all people, Polaris, in the side by side market.

Whereas I'm no Polaris fan at all, I am a speed freak like many consumers. If I spend 10k on a new side by side, why would I spend it on something that's gonna be 20-30mph less than the competition that is for the most part, in the same price range???? Plus, althought it IS a Polaris, the RAZR is a sporty, practical, capable and very fast machine. Plus, they're extremely fast out of the whole, which isn't the case for even the current Rhinos compared to the RAZR. Plain and simple, a 700 is old news these days and EPS won't make people pass up the RAZR and go with a Rhino just to get EPS.

I do understand that Yamaha has been attacked for the last few years with law suits. However, I think it was just the deep pockets theory that got them as law suit targets rather than the smaller manufacturers. If they can't build something to compete, consumers will go to the people like Popo which will in the end boost their sales, decrease Yamahas even more and hurt Yamaha financially.

Just my thoughts. I guess I'm just frustrated as I am a big Yamaha fan and have really been anticipating something that made me say "HOLY SH$%" for 2010. So far, I don't see it, but maybe they have something that hasn't leaked yet. Let's hope.
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