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2010 Yamaha Rhino Sneak Peek

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Here is a sneak peek at one of the new 2010 Yamaha Rhinos.


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Yeah, I have to admit that I am a bit disappointed at Yamaha's attempt at an all new machine for 2010. I was really hoping for a newly designed machine to compete with the Razr and the upcoming Can Am. Add the weight of the seats, power steering and and additional 18" length and you have an already slug like machine even sluggier. I am guessing there other SxS will be the 550 Rhino also.

Come on Yamaha, get with the program!
I think that the performance will be more in line with a golf cart at this point.
Yeah, I have read everything under the sun on other forums about why Yamaha delayed the release. I have heard of technical issues, legal issues and also that Yamaha wanted to move the old 2007 and 2008 stock out the door before they offer a new model.

Who knows at this point. I only hope that when they do release it, it is more than what was simply leaked to the public.
No, there are no other pictures. Since Yamaha pulled the plug on the unveiling of the 2010 machine we can only speculate as to what it will be. In speaking with a dealer the other day, he was told by a "rep" that it will have one of the engines that is currently on one of the sled models. But you know how all that goes...rumors.
i dnt kno man the extra room sure would be handy for babes and my **** dogs:thumbup:

Babes, **** dogs...What about icy cold beverages?
wish they would put a 2500hp dodge cummins
It would no longer be a Rhino then. It would be a Ram. :beer"

FWIW, I had one of the Kubota SxS with a diesel. No fun at all, barely get out of its own way. You had to put it in low in order to climb up a hill. And with the extra weight, when it gets stuck, it is really stuck.
1 - 7 of 39 Posts
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