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2010 Yamaha Rhino Sneak Peek

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Here is a sneak peek at one of the new 2010 Yamaha Rhinos.


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Wow! From what I can tell that is comprable to a Jeep! I mean check that console and rear seat. The lines are nice too. Nice teaser!
The center console is a nice upgrade. The power steering has been needed for years, so its about time (add $500 to the price tag though). I wonder if they still have the same 22 HP motor that just barely gets it moving?
Looks good, but I am wondering if they addressed the horrible ground clearance, when compared to the other s x s! Power steering will be very nice too!
Yeah, I have to admit that I am a bit disappointed at Yamaha's attempt at an all new machine for 2010. I was really hoping for a newly designed machine to compete with the Razr and the upcoming Can Am. Add the weight of the seats, power steering and and additional 18" length and you have an already slug like machine even sluggier. I am guessing there other SxS will be the 550 Rhino also.

Come on Yamaha, get with the program!
I am liking the extra set of seats. Thats what I would want if I bought a rhino.
I am liking the extra set of seats. Thats what I would want if I bought a rhino.
Yeah, but the way these guys talk the only thing you would be able to haul in the seats is air. Poor Yamaha. They seem skeered to add power to their line-up.
I think that the performance will be more in line with a golf cart at this point.
Gentlemen, Ladies, umm...golfers, :confused1: we present the new Yamaha Rhino!

Ok, ok, it's not that bad, but I'm tired of watching Yamaha piss away their stance as an industry leader.

(FWIW, I still wear a yamaha hat :toothy3: )
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I like the looks of the console. PS will be great. Wish they would have got it together sooner.
I think it's great they did a small upgrade by adding the power steering the Grizz has had for a couple of years. Also some minor cosmetic and feature updates which were needed anyway.

Yami is getting blown away in the race arena by Polaris and even the Kawasaki Teryx has a much stronger and capable motor than the Rhino. Now they're gonna release a new model with no performance improvements in the power train???? The rhino has always been slow b/c of the 40 something MPH governor they stuck to it and now they add the extra weight of rear seats that don't have enough leg room for a dog to sit in. I'm confused as to the thought process behind this new model. Clearly Yami has given up on their ability to compete with, of all people, Polaris, in the side by side market.

Whereas I'm no Polaris fan at all, I am a speed freak like many consumers. If I spend 10k on a new side by side, why would I spend it on something that's gonna be 20-30mph less than the competition that is for the most part, in the same price range???? Plus, althought it IS a Polaris, the RAZR is a sporty, practical, capable and very fast machine. Plus, they're extremely fast out of the whole, which isn't the case for even the current Rhinos compared to the RAZR. Plain and simple, a 700 is old news these days and EPS won't make people pass up the RAZR and go with a Rhino just to get EPS.

I do understand that Yamaha has been attacked for the last few years with law suits. However, I think it was just the deep pockets theory that got them as law suit targets rather than the smaller manufacturers. If they can't build something to compete, consumers will go to the people like Popo which will in the end boost their sales, decrease Yamahas even more and hurt Yamaha financially.

Just my thoughts. I guess I'm just frustrated as I am a big Yamaha fan and have really been anticipating something that made me say "HOLY SH$%" for 2010. So far, I don't see it, but maybe they have something that hasn't leaked yet. Let's hope.
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2010 rhino

any idea how big the bed is on the new 4 seater...or is there any bed at all??? Is there still going to be a 2 seat version available??
It's a great big mystery I believe there dirtracer. As soon as we get the info you can bet we will post it though.

BTW. Welcome to the site.
2010 rhino

Thanks Battlegun. Talked to a real good friend of mine who owns a yamaha shop and he claims that there is a possibility that the delay on the release is due to some type of law? Nothing definite there, just another rumor.
Thanks Battlegun. Talked to a real good friend of mine who owns a yamaha shop and he claims that there is a possibility that the delay on the release is due to some type of law? Nothing definite there, just another rumor.
Well there is certianly no shortage of rumors revolving around the new Rhino and what Yamaha may or maynot have up its sleave. I wouldn't be surprised if there were some legal issues pestering Yamaha. It seems they are the target of unfair and undeserving attacks from bored lawyers who have an infinite greed for money and don't care who they take down to get it.

theres no doubt about the lawyer portion of it. When i first began researching rhinos, attorneys are the most popular google hit. i will be in touch with my source and keep posted anything i may hear. thanks for your help!
Yeah, I have read everything under the sun on other forums about why Yamaha delayed the release. I have heard of technical issues, legal issues and also that Yamaha wanted to move the old 2007 and 2008 stock out the door before they offer a new model.

Who knows at this point. I only hope that when they do release it, it is more than what was simply leaked to the public.

ya weve heard it all too....only time will tell....i just hope they release it soon so that i can make my decision....sold my only other bike the other day and i'm gettin the itch...thought i would have an answer yesterday...never trust big company's news releases i suppose...haha
Definitely need a bigger engine, otherwise I like what I see!
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