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2009 Arctic Cat Prowler 1000

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Actic Cat's dealer show is on. Several new models of ATVs have been released, and two new side by side models as well. The new side by side models include a flat bed 550cc Prowler, and a 1000cc Prowler XTZ. The 1000cc Prowler uses the 950cc v-twin Arctic Cat engine from the Thunder Cat 1000 ATV, and is claimed to have a 70 mph top speed. Retail price is reported to be $13,999.

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Go artic cat! :cheer: I think the new redesigned 700 is slick in and off itself! Turn a profit A/C, we want you to succeed!
Yamaha is also releasing a new side by side model, tomorrow at noon EST. We'll have to see how the new Yamaha measures up. If it is a significant upgrade then good for them as well. If it is a package with bold new graphics, or different color plastic, then I would suspect a lot of people will be moving over to Arctic Cat side by sides. Lack of power is the major problem with side by sides right now, and thus far only Arctic Cat is adequately addressing that problem.
I'm going on my guess that the new 550 engine that's coming as a quad will replace the 450 Rhino. Just a speculative guess.

Polaris hasn't done bad with the power issue in regards to the Rzr.
I hope Arctic Cat has refined some issues on the ThunderCat motor. Alot of guys on AC Chat are spouting issues about it. Took so long to come out you figure most of the bugs would have been worked out but that is whaat you get with new and first year models I guess
From my understanding, Yamis noon release on 7-6-08 will include the new ATV line at noon as well.
Yamaha's biggest change for 2009 side by side models is ... Bold New Graphics! You can now get a Rhino with a different shade of red than before.

Looks like the Prowler 1000 is definitely going to be top dog for 2009 model side by sides.

Here are some specs on the new Prowler 1000, from the Arctic Cat brochure.

V-Twin SOHC 4 Valve, EFI
951CC 92X71.6
Liquid Cooled with fan
Auto CVT w/EBS, Hi-Lo- Rev
2/4WD with Elect. Diff Lock (Most A/C's have gone to a pushbutton electric diff lock)
60inches wide, 75 inches tall, 118.5 inches long
10 inchs wheel travel front and rear
10 inches Ground Clearance (ride in type suspension) Lowered for high speed
Front and rear hyd. disc brakes
26X9-14 Front tires
26X11-14 Rear tires
8.2 gallons fuel capacity
Bed capacity 600lbs. ( All Prowlers are back up to 600lbs bed cap)
25lbs. under hood cap
1500lbs. Towing capacity
Analog/Digital Gauges
Roll Cage is fully ROPS Certified
Comes standard with foot rails, and bed rails
Available only in Sunset Orange Metallic Paint.
Hemi style hood scoop
Air intake system has been rerouted and re-engineered to the forward compartment, resulting in much quieter operation.
New hand operated parking brake

And from sources elsewhere, horsepower rating is claimed to be 65.8 hp. I presume that hp rating is at the crankshaft, so subtract about 1/3 of that to estimate rear wheel hp, and you come up with roughly 44 hp at the rear wheels. That is double the 22 to 23 hp a stock Rhino has at the rear wheels. Things are looking up for side by sides.

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More information on the Prowler 1000
One thing I'm bummed about by looking at that picture is that the hoodscoop is non-functional. Why bother....trying to show it's a hotrodded version? I'd swap that out for a standard hood in a second. If it was functional then keep it, but since it's not, it's the equivalent of the stick-on Lund hood scoops people put on their vehicles. :BangHead:
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