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2008 750I brute force shock mod

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Not to say or in any way rank the stock shocks as inferior.But with my wieght and my riding style the stock shocks just didnt cut it. So I did what I always do make something out of nothig.I found that front shocks off a YFZ 450 fits the front of my brute and they work great, the only problem is the ride hight changed in the front because the 450 shocks are longer and with the power of the brute and the wieght distributed more to the rear the front wanted to lift at high speeds.Now I have a problem I cant afford remote resevior shocks, so this is where something from nothing comes into play.With all four shocks off the quad I noticed the front are 1 inch longer than the rear. I also noticed the rear shocks are stiffer than the front. Time for the old switcharoo. I took the springs off the rear shocks put them on the front shocks made a spacer to take up for that extra inch of shock and now because the shock is taller in the rear and the valving in the front shock is better for rebound my brute sets higher front and rear doesnt pull in the front doesnt try to buck you off in the woops and handles great all for the cost of a set of used shocks.
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So now you have the Yamaha shocks up front and you have your stock front shocks fitted with your rear springs on the back? Good deal for a little extra ground clearance as well as a better ride. much for the '08 shocks being "better" than previous years.....

Here's my experience so far.....

I'm 230lbs.....the '08 bottoms out way more than my '05. Both with mid setting on stock shocks...

Then I discover after a few winter rides this year, the '08 is 1" lower and gets stuck in the snow more...
This is with 26" XTR's even..... :BangHead:

The '08 seems too cushy in the corners for me too....
I will crank up the shocks and report back after a few rides.... :book1:
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NQRIDER, we found the same deficiencies as you did. However I have all the same complaints with most utility quads as well as a few sport quads. Heritage1 modified his setup. This was necessary for the style riding we normally do. It was also necessary for racing hare scramble races. Which I must mentioned the Brute place second against a V-force today.
I just need to cough up the money and get some aftermarket shocks at all four corners on the Grizz.
Which I must mention the Brute place second against a V-force today.

:headbang: :headbang:
Hopefully it wont be the last for the old V-force either.
The 2008 shocks cranked up to max tightness is much better IMHO...

Tested it compared to mid setting for over 50 miles of varied trail.

Less bottoming out, more clearance, and faster handling....
got any pics of the spacer you used. what kind of metel did you use??
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