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2007 Arctic cat 700 EFI dies when given throttle

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I have a 2007 Arctic Cat 700 EFI. 800 miles on machine. Garage kept. No engine mods and completely stock. When I first start it, it will die when I give it gas. It sometimes is difficult to restart, but not always. It will do this over and over. If I press the throttle quickly several times, as if I'm revving it up, it will go. Once It's driving, it usually runs correctly, even when stopping and going. It has been doing this for several years now. New rectifier, battery, and spark plug. TPS is adjusted correctly as per my manual. Gas is fresh. It does have a K&N air filter (oiled correctly) in the stock air box. I have researched this over the years and haven't found an answer. Hopefully, there is someone on here that's had the same issue.
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