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2006 Kodiak 450 Clutch Mods??

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New to this site and I'm an idiot and accidentally posted this to the Suzuki forum before. You all really have great insight into modifications and such. I have been doing a little research lately... I know I have washed out the grease in my clutch (breather tube came off in a very wet area):club: so I know its getting torn apart soon. I originally was just going to regrease and head on down the trail, but I have always wanted that zippy lower end to hold a wheelie, always resented the guy I know with a 700 that will hold wheelies all day. I do know that I should jet it and look into a pipe for it and I have had experience in that, but when it comes to the centrifugal clutch and weight combos and weather or not to replace the spring in the other pulley, I am lost... Any ideas or suggestions for the 450 would be greatly apreciated. Should I go for a EPI kit or Dalton kit or just mix in some lower gram weights with some stock kodiak weights? I have found a ton of info on the 660 and 700 but not a lot about the 450...

Thanks a lot.
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