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2.5 or 3.0 winch

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:BangHead: I can't figure out what one I wanna get.
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I just tried installing the 3.0 Warn winch in my Grizzly 700 and it was extremely tight. Another inch 1/4 inch and it would not have fit. I actually went with a 2" receiver style mount that will allow me to remove the winch in just seconds or even locate it to the rear.

While I am not sure if the 2.5 has the wireless remote, I would highly recommend that option. :icon_thumleft:
I had to assume that you are going to frame mount this winch so I voted for the 2.5. If this is indeed the case, I fear you will not be able to fit the 3.0. Now if you go with the hitch mount method, like grizzlywizard, I say go with the 3.0.

Why would I go bigger if I could? Winches are used to get unstuck or perform other heavy duty jobs. Lets face it, if we're stuck, we want the max available power to get us out easily in the worst of conditions ESPECIALLY if you're riding solo. I have the 2.5 but it was free with the quad. JMHO.

Let us know what you get. I love new stuff even if it isn't on my quad! :headbang:
thanks i got a ordered a 2.5 so it should be here anytime now

so thanks
Good deal countryboy since this will frame-mount nicely. Let us know when you get it installed as to how you like it. As a side note, the 2.5 has an add-on available to allow it to be a wireless remote setup. We're working on a review of this for the Warn 2.5 as it will be a great addition if you're in a hairy place and don't feel like hanging off the side off your quad to get to the "pull-me-up" switch.

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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