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12 in. Rims or 14 in. rims

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Hello, I'm new to the forum so please bear with me........ I have an 07' Yamaha Grizzly 660. I am looking into putting on Maxxis Bighorn tires in the 26x12 size or the 26x14 size and ITP C-7 rims. I have been compairing tire sizes and weights but haven't been able to find any statistics for rim weights. I have found that the 14 in. tires are lighter than the 12 in.. If the 14 in. rims aren't too much heavier than the 12 in. I will go with the 14 in. set up since the entire package will be lighter and take less power to operate. Plus handleing is supposed to be better. Does anyone out there have a 14 in. set up on there machine and if so how does it handle and have there been any problems?
Any help will be appreciated!!!
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Welcome aboard Dan!

I have the ITP C-7 wheels with 26" Mudlite XTRs on them. That was the setup I started with but always wanted to go with 14" tires/wheels for handling purposes. I finally got another set of ITP wheels in 14" and put 26" tires on them. It is not only an amazing difference in handling but damn does it look better too.

I actually really like the mudlite XTRs so much I want to put them back on, but can't force myself to go back to a 12" configuration.

As for durability/dependability, I really haven't had any issues at all. You will find the ride is a little more rough with the 14" setup but not enough in my opinion to make you unhappy with your decision. If you generally do a lot of rocky technical stuff, obviously the 2" smaller diameter won't give as much sidewall protection with the 14" wheels as you would get for 12" wheels. I was doing some pretty technical creek maneuvering right after I got mine and a large log wedged in and scuffed my new wheel. But, I doubt the tire/wheel size combo caused this. Either way, I'm not too concerned.

I hope that helps!
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Here are some of mine with the 14's.

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