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  1. Kawasaki Forum
    This thing with the new intake and the Muzzy is down right evil now. Can't wait to put it to the track now.
  2. Engine & Drivetrain
    I am getting ready to go riding in soon to Utah. Obviously the elevation is a little higher than 500 feet. Do I need to be concerned with re-jetting my carburetor or should I be fine?
  3. FAQ's / How To's
    This is floating around the internet quite a bit. I posted it on a forum several years ago so it might be old news to some. A rich mixture is caused by too much fuel compared to the amount of air being used during combustion. Rich conditions can be detected by the engine spitting, sputtering...
  4. FAQ's / How To's
    Plug Tuning This is not my writing, but useful information when tuning your ATV. A plug chop is a very useful method of taking a look at the combustion efficiency resultant of the fuel/air mixture. High RPM's is NOT what this is about. It is air / fuel flow. At nearly any RPM above idle. To...
1-4 of 4 Results