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  1. General ATV / UTV Discussion
    with my rides and topgun09's kfx450R project we're working on.
  2. Pictures and Videos
    so, i figured i'd go out today for a little ride by myself. about an hour in, i notice a subtle "clunk" sound coming from the rear, intermittently. i stopped twice and checked over the suspension, trailing arms, cv joints, caliper and driveshaft - nothing. so i told myself to ignore it...
  3. Kawasaki Forum
    Finally decided on a wheeler and I went with the BF 750 in the only color I have had! Green! Taking her for first ride tomorrow and after that let the mods begin!!
  4. Pictures and Videos
    I'm not totally sure "reconoitering" is even a real word, but we did it today. I live in southwestern UT, and most of our riding is in the mountains and desert north and east of where we live. But there are litterally tens of thousands of square miles of untouched land to the west of where we...
  5. General ATV / UTV Discussion
    I got the hand guards that I won in today! I'm thinkin it's only fair if I write a lil review after I slap them on. I'll let ya guys know here in the next few days! Thanks again!
  6. General ATV / UTV Discussion
    So what did you do to your ATV today? Did you burry it in mud? New tires? Ride it in the mountains? Lets hear what you're doing. I'll start. I ordered a set of 3.5" Rox risers, Fasst Flexx handlebars, and a 2R exhaust tip for the Grizzly 700. 3TV
  7. Member Rides
    I took my 10 yr old daughter on her first ride today. She did very well on her little griz This was on a farm...
  8. General ATV / UTV Discussion
    I finally after a week delay get to pick up the new Brute. Man I am pumped. If all goes well I will be picking it up at noon. I will be posting pics soon enough. :headbang:
  9. Pictures and Videos
    Here I was up atop a mountain today.
  10. Electrical & Lighting
    This topic has been moved to Accessories.
  11. Accessories
    Very nice lighting setup from PIAA. These will be well worth the money in my opinion.
  12. General ATV / UTV Discussion
    Will post some pics of the ride we took. Was kinda cold! Was the coldest 40 degrees I ever felt but it was a blast. One of the first times it wasn't dusty!
  13. Trail Talk
    Wel even though it was only for 3 hours I did get to go out to the farm and horse around. Picture with the cell phone.
1-13 of 20 Results