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  1. Yamaha Forum
    I've finally decided on which set of wheels to purchase and replace my existing stock. I'm currently looking for a suggestion on which ATV tires should I try. I have my eyes set on mud tires but I think all-terrain is a good choice too. I want the durability and excellent handling of mud tires...
  2. Site News
    Read more about the 2015 Mud Tires Buyer's Guide at
  3. ATV Torture News
    Read more about the 2015 Mud Tires Buyer's Guide at
  4. Other ATV/UTV Forums
    Hey Guys, I just joined up and wanted to see if someone out there has done a tire swap on a Kubota. I am looking for more ground clearance, but nothing extreme. We used to race in the mud bogs here in texas but have since kinda mellowed a bit. That is to say, it got expensive to race and we...
  5. FAQ's / How To's
    Hi Everyone, I am new to the site and have a question, that I am sure has been asked many times. My 09 BF is about ready for a new set of sneakers and I am curious what the popular opinion is on putting larger tires than the stock size. I was thinking about going with either a Mud Lite XL or...
  6. Tires, Wheels, Brakes
    Hello everyone, I have a 2007 Suzuki Eiger 400 4x4 Auto. I bought this bike new and it now has just over 500 miles on it. The stock tires have left alot to be desired from day one. Basically they wont fall out of a tree. They get very poor traction in all conditions. Lately, I have noticed that...
  7. General ATV / UTV Discussion
    i am looking for a website or local dealer around parkersburg wv. You guys have any know of anyone thats good to deal with?
  8. Tires, Wheels, Brakes
    ive seen the rockers and they seem to have a very aggressive pattern and they look like they can conquer anything iv seen the review for the growler are these as good or better then the growlers becuase the tread seems like its much more aggressive and would give more traction any feed back...
  9. Tires, Wheels, Brakes
    has anyone been running these tires yet. looking at getting a set . going with 27x9-14 all the way around to keep stock rims on . (09 850 polaris xp ) dont feel like spending the cash on aftermarket rims, and hate crying after the first scratch. any info would be appreciated
  10. For Sale
    I have a set of stock wheels and tires from a 2009 Renegade 800-X for sale. The tires only have 115 miles of light use on them and they still have tits on them, just not down the center of the tread. The wheels are in perfect condition. I am asking 450+shipping and will take a paypal payment...
  11. Polaris Forum
    Just wondering what size tires you can get a 2010 xp850.I hear 28' Zillas then I heard 30 Zillas.Looking for a good tire that won't rub. Any input here would be great or pics would be better.
  12. Project KFX-450R Reviews
    We have posted a review of our experience with Dick's ATV. Read the review here and post questions or comments in this thread.
  13. Other Products
    <TABLE width=500 border=0><TBODY><TR><TD align=middle></TD></TR></TBODY></TABLE> Many ATV enthusiasts at some point in their ATV ownership begin the customization process. Some riders begin customizing their quad from a performance standpoint, while others go the route of appearance or...
  14. Tires & Wheels
    Pit Bull Tires Growler X.O.R. Review Picking an ATV or UTV tire these days to replace the worn out tires or simply upgrade the OEM tires your new machine came equipped with can be tough. There are many manufacturers out there today that make exceptional ATV / UTV tires. Some tires are...
  15. Official forum for Pit Bull ATV & UTV tires.
    ATVTorture would like to welcome Pit Bull Tires to the site. As many of you know, we are reviewing the Pit Bull Growler tires and have been impressed from day one with the performance of these tires. Please use this forum for any questions you may have regarding the Pit Bull ATV and UTV tire...
  16. General ATV / UTV Discussion
    As many of you may have seen on the front page of we are testing some new ATV tires manufactured by Pit Bull. Without letting the cat out of the bag with regards to our product review, I just want to express how impressed I am with the performance of these tires. Some of you may...
  17. Can-Am/BRP Forum
    Hey, I have a 09 outlander 800 I was wondering what tire would be good for mud but not to rough for pack trails. What size? can i fit them on the stock rims? Thank for any advise
  18. Tires, Wheels, Brakes
    I wanted to let everyone know of an expereience I recently had and what resolved it in case you have the same problem, or do in the future. I run an 2009 Can-Am Renegade 800-X for those that don't know. On that machine, I have ITP Terracross XDs. The quad has about 600 miles on it and the front...
  19. Requests for Product Reviews
    lets see a review on the efx moto mtc tires. they look awsome. lets see if they perform
1-19 of 57 Results