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  1. Accessories
    I recently put a snorkel kit on my 05 bombardier 400 outlander in hopes of being able to go deeper. after the first test run i discovered in had severe leak but couldnt find them. If anybody knows of a great place in north carolina that installs snorkel kits please advise!!!!!!
  2. Can-Am/BRP Forum
  3. Yamaha Forum
    I have heard many times about how not to snorkel your grizzly unless you expect to lose some power. I have plans to use two 2" intakes into my airbox. I dont see how it is possible for it to not get as much air as stock. If anything i would think it would get more over stock. Any opinions? Any...
  4. Yamaha Forum
    Well, I finally did my snorkels on the griz. I had a few minor issues, but all is well. here is a pic. I haven't been to deep yet, but went in a creek last weekend, no leaks thus far.
  5. Kawasaki Forum
    Hey everybody: I'm new to this forum stuff so please bare with me!! I have a 2008 750 Brute Force with a power commandre USB module that I recently put a snorkel kit on (saw it on Mud in :beer"my blood) what I would like to know is, have I restricted the air intake too much by reducing the PVC...
  6. Honda Forum
    I want to put a snorkel on my Honda Recon 250, but I'm not sure how. Anybody know how? any tutorials? EDIT: I put on my first snorkel On My Honda Recon "TRX250Y" I forgot to take pics putting it together BUT, I did after i was complete. Heres some pics: Front View Of Snorkel: Front View Of...
  7. Can-Am/BRP Forum
    ok, i finished this up saturday, then went to a bachelor party. i'm somewhat recovered now, so here we go. front plastic and side panels need removed first. the stock setup is simply a small outlet that rises a couple inches, turns downward and terminates under the seat. i guess the idea is...
  8. Can-Am/BRP Forum
    one of the main complaints from renegade/outlander owners is the location of the engine air intake and cvt intake. they are inside the left front fender well and tend to get a fair amount of water/mud in them, regardless of how deep you are riding. i will be stealth snorkeling the cvt intake...
  9. Yamaha Forum
    Does anyone know if anyone makes a snorkel kit for the 1998 Grizz 600
  10. Can-Am/BRP Forum
    Hahhaa in this case my 450 would pwn this dude! The same thing happened to my friend's dad. No water in the engine. But the belt got good and wet!
  11. Fabrication i bet it works great lol
1-11 of 11 Results