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  1. ATV Torture News
    Read more about the 2015 ATV and UTV Shocks Buyer's Guide at
  2. Polaris Forum
    just wondering if any one knows if the 850xp shocks would fit on a sportsman?
  3. Can-Am/BRP Forum
    Does anyone carry any kits for this model,i can air up the rear shocks and gain just over an inch of ground clearance,but i was hoping for someone to make a 2" block that mounts under the rear shocks,so i have that added 2" plus what ever i want to pump up the shocks to add to it,but it would be...
  4. Polaris Forum
    Well I decided to take a vacation day from work today and behold my freaking Elka Shocks showed up for my Sportsman 850 XP a week earlier than I expected!!! I'm just bummed I will not be able to install them until next week. Headed out of town for the weekend with the wife! She's going to be...
  5. Yamaha Forum
    I dont know anything about aftermarket shocks, and the rear suspenion on my grizz is to stiff soo i was thinking maybe in a couple months getting some aftermarket shocks... but can anyone fill me on what kind would be the kind to get?
  6. Kawasaki Forum
    anyone know if the 07 brute force shocks and or springs will fit on the 08?
1-6 of 6 Results