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  1. Site News
    A battle of middleweight Utility ATVs Honda may have the bragging rights to the first commercial ATV with the invention of the Honda ATC 90 back in 1969, but the first modern four-wheeled ATV title goes to Suzuki with the 1983 QuadRunner LT125. Three wheelers have sadly gone the way of the dodo...
  2. Honda Forum
    Hey Ya'll, I have a 2002 rubicon, was riding in the woods, shifted from 4th down to 3rd, and GRRRR STOP! it acted as if the transmission was stuck in both gears at the same time. I was not under a huge load, just a slight incline. Also, once stopped, I had a hard time gettint the L/H/N/R...
  3. Honda Forum
    When I put my transmission in gear it acts like it is in neutral. I checked for codes and it shows a 5 for the angle position sensor. This is the first time it happened. It was fine when I loaded it on the trailer, and started when I tried to unload it.
  4. Honda Forum
    I have a problem with my transmission or something. every gear i put it in revs up like its in nuetral. What could be my problem?
  5. Site Help and Suggestions
    Hey guys does anyone know if they make a gear reduction for an 06 rubicon ?I'm getting some 28 laws and want to have some extra grunt !:rockon:
  6. Honda Forum
    the knob that switches it from automatic to manual shift has D1,D2,and ESP. what is the difference in D1 and D2
  7. Honda Forum
    Rubicon Hondamatic Transmission Code Retrieval 1. Put the gear shift lever in neutral (be sure the neutral indicator comes on) and the ignition switch OFF (vehicle at a stop). 2. While pushing the UP and DOWN shift switches (ESP) simultaneously, turn the ignition key to the on position. 3...
1-7 of 8 Results